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Luke K (gb) wrote: The One I Love starts off as a promising, quirky and subversive take on the rom com genre, boasting an intriguing premise with the potential to say a lot on the film's themes of love and marriage in a really cool and unique way. However, I unfortunately found that the film never lived up to the potential of its premise, and as it went on its message became very muddled and unfocused. That being said, the film is still directed with a simple, offbeat charm and is perfectly acted by its two leads, specifically Elisabeth Moss who stole the show. Without giving anything away about the plot, I was very excited while watching The One I Love because it really could have gone in a number of fascinating directions, and I was very underwhelmed and frustrated in the lacklustre path the film ultimately chose. With a strong opening act, great performances, a light comedic tone and confident direction, this film unfortunately never lives up to its potential and its messages on the nature of marriage, relationships and love are never as powerful as they should have been. Ultimately, The One I Love is a good film, but it could have been a great film.

Mikey P (br) wrote: excellent concert dvd

Spencer P (kr) wrote: I love this movie! Wish they'd make another and continue the franchise!

Abb J (it) wrote: Into The Cold: A Journey Of The Soul: Explorers Sebastian Copeland and Keith Heger brave the harsh elements of the Arctic in their two month trek to mark the 100 year anniversary of Robert Peary's historic hike to the North Pole. The documentary captures the stark beauty of the rapidly shrinking ice cap and the unnerving noiselessness, except for the howling winds and shifting ice floes, all of which could cause sudden death. The joy at seeing such a magnificent site is tinged with sadness in knowing that, due to global warming, there will never be a bicentennial trek. A-

John T (fr) wrote: Not to shabby. Well done.

Rowan C (au) wrote: I am fond of this film... It has a very specific style tinhat is unparalleled...

Sam M (ru) wrote: Though very confusing it's funny and quite fresh for Woody at the time, reminiscent of Stardust Memories.

Claire T (jp) wrote: it was a good movie but I don't think I'll ever watch this movie again, it was ok but could have been better, it starred J.T Walsh, Ed Harris and Max von Sydow, it was a ok film but I don't want it on DVD

Nolan M (au) wrote: Dustin Hoffmann is hilarious as a down on his luck actor who decides to dress as a woman and get a part in a soap opera.

Marcus W (nl) wrote: Couldn't even make it to the end.

Tiana J (nl) wrote: With a premise that was promising, Chernobyl Diaries could have been good but that potential went downhill with cheap jump-scares, unlikable characters, and unoriginality.The plot to Chernobyl Diaries follows a group of six idiots (i mean vacationers) looking to go off the a beaten path, hire an "extreme" tour guide. Ignoring warnings because the main "characters" want to idiots and not listening and not reading the warning signs, the tour guide decides to take them to the city of Pripyat, the former home to the workers of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, but a deserted town since the disaster more than twenty-five years ago. After a brief exploration of Pripyat, the idiots (I mean the group) soon finds themselves stranded, only to discover that they are not alone.Well, does the plot sound original? Um, not really. I have basically seen this movie before in better movies. However, like I said in the beginning of this review, Chernobyl Diaries had a premise that is promising. If the movie have originality, then it could have been good or decent.When I mention unlikable characters in this review, I meant that. They some of the most unlikable people have seen in years. I really did not care about after they went to Pripyat because they want to be mean to the tour guide and ignoring warnings that was given to them. When they get killed one by one, I really did not care. You wonder why I called them idiots. Well, they are.No, the acting/ the dialogue was not good. In fact the acting/ dialogue was pretty terrible. Jesse McCartney? Really? He was not good. Neither was the rest of the cast. Although there were jump-scares, characters that I did not care about, and unoriginality, there were spooky, atmospheric moments in the film. However, every time there was a spooky, atmospheric moments, they are ruined by the cheap jump-scares or someone screaming in the background.Even though I did not almost hated Chernobyl Diaries, it is still not a good movie. If want to see a movie that is scary, this is not it. Although I am not a fan of the Paranormal Activity series, those movies are more superior than this movie. I highly recommend you watch those movies than Chernobyl Diaries. Oh, did I forgot to mention that this movie is Paranormal Activity in Chernobyl? Well, it is.

Greg J (it) wrote: So i will start this off by saying it wasn't overall horrible. It was okay to watch once. I watched it with friends and it was a fun time but overall not very scary.