Two college friends, traveling in Europe, find themselves rivals for the attentions of a mysterious woman.

Two college friends, traveling in Europe, find themselves rivals for the attentions of a mysterious woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris F (ru) wrote: I put this on and had a nap by accident.

Johan C (de) wrote: This one was really, good, why have no one seen it? Hey, it is really nicely done, good story, really interesting to watch, NOT a cute family movie, more exciting and scary =) Thumbs up for this one!

Greg W (mx) wrote: make sure to get the director's cut of this historical bio epic

Dylan D (fr) wrote: Boyz n the Hood excels as a coming of age film that's unlike any other of its kind. Where most characters in such pictures learn more about themselves, those in Boyz n the Hood struggle to figure out where they are and why their environment is so conducive to the violence and hopelessness that's squeezed all but the literal life out of them, and even then, the violence takes its fair share of that, too. They must learn the whys of where they live before they can focus on the hows of improving their own lives, but as every day goes by a little bit of them is killed off as opportunities and hopes and dreams pass them by. This is a challenging film to watch and one that's even more difficult to understand. It's a rewarding but also a punishing experience all at once, a film that transcends its place and time and people as a serious and unflinching look at a slice of life few ever know.

Melissa L (jp) wrote: it was a very good movie.

Ben W (us) wrote: so many shots of lon chaney jrs eyes in close up.

Allan C (us) wrote: Flawed (particularly with some glaring plot holes), but solid little film noir from director Anthony Mann. Truck driver Steve Brodie is robbed by mobsters, led by a menacing Raymond Burr, and is forced to go on the run with his wife, Audrey Long. Solid little low budget noir.

John R (kr) wrote: 131206: I enjoyed this Rogers film quite a bit. Great humour, great characters, fun. It is worth watching this film just for Gabby Hayes and his continual commentary on relationships. Made me smile.

Dyron W (de) wrote: Well made and impressive '50s B-movie.

Judge L (it) wrote: An alright WWII flick. Worth the watch on Netflix.

Joel A (jp) wrote: A very confronting & unsettling about film as we follow the lives of a few teens during a typical High School but two students have a very sinister plan at hand.Unmistakably a closer look at the horrific Columbine High School shooting on April 20th 1999 four years before the film.The film has such an authentic feel to it which makes the horror all the more real. A chilling film that is incredibly crafted...a true social comment.