¡Three Amigos!

¡Three Amigos!

Three actors accept an invitation to a Mexican village to perform their onscreen bandit fighter roles, unaware that it is the real thing.

Three unemployed actors accept an invitation to a Mexican village to replay their bandit fighter roles, unaware that it is the real thing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


¡Three Amigos! torrent reviews

Kara H (au) wrote: Ridiculously boring.

i C (mx) wrote: 4/10good actors, weak movie

Adriano N (mx) wrote: Too cheesy and shallow.

Federica L (es) wrote: It made me feel very very very sad and angry. Particularly sad.

Lorna S (ru) wrote: could of be a lot better

Ashleen R (au) wrote: they really should have left the magic alone with the first movie!!

Donny K (br) wrote: Yojimbo with robots. That's pretty much all you need to know. Directed by Albert Pyun, who is responsible for other b-movie gems like Cyborg, Nemesis, and Captain America. Amusing for its sheer ridiculousness. Recommended for Rutger Hauer fans, people who enjoy poorly directed fight scenes, and robots.

Mike N (fr) wrote: It's a shame that John Candy's last role was so forgettable.

Sarah B (it) wrote: This is one of my favourites, very typically British holiday back then.

Kevin S (nl) wrote: Cliff Robertson turns in a fantastic performance as a young JFK.

Christian P (ru) wrote: A nail-biter of a submarine thriller with tension within the sub and danger surrounding it. Great performances all around.

John K (de) wrote: Not the movie I was expecting. The plot and characters get even more engaging as the film rolls on.

Ayrton Anthony C (us) wrote: Divertida y entretenida, ideal para disfrutarla en familia.

Sharmelle O (fr) wrote: This movie is a not so great movie. Jane gets involved in a car accident. When she awakens from an unfortunate car crash she discovers that she is now a housewife not believing she has kids or a husband. In order to find out what happened to her past life ahe needs get her act together.

Lisa J (de) wrote: Two words - shoulder pads. Good 80's slasher horror.

Grant S (it) wrote: Easily the worst of the Rambo movies. And yes, I include the 2008 movie in that list.It's 1987/8 and our hero, John Rambo (played by Sylvester Stallone, of course), is retired and living the quiet life in Thailand. The US government want him to do another mission, in Afghanistan, but he declines. Soon thereafter, however, his friend and former CO, Colonel Trautman (played by Richard Crenna, as always) is captured by the Russians in Afghanistan. Rambo sets out to rescue him...This is the movie where Rambo lived up to the stereotype of him as an impossibly invincible, gung ho, solo killing machine. In the previous two Rambo movies the plots had some degree of plausibility, and Rambo wasn't totally invincible. Now we have the image of him single-handedly destroying Russian armies, tanks and helicopters. It's just too one-dimensional, and silly.Add in the jingoism of him fighting the Russians, in Afghanistan, and the movie is just blatant Cold War propaganda.Even the action scenes can't save it this time. They're of the Michael Bay-type variety: explosions for the sake of explosions, and the bigger the better. It becomes very monotonous, very fast.