Three Angels and Five Lions

Three Angels and Five Lions

Three Angels and Five Lions is a 1982 comedy-family film written by Sven Methling and Bjarne Reuter, directed by Sven Methling.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:68 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,   children,  

Hele Danmarks forrygende lille Bertram er her igen for fuld udblæsning. Hans mor har inviteret tante Gyda fra landet - og far har inviteret onkel Georg, der er “ude” i øjeblikket. Bertram koncentrerer sig om malerkunsten, hvorfor der p.t. er ro i hjemmet. En dag tager onkel Georg børnene med på Glyptoteket, hvor far er kustode. Bertram tager sit maleri med, hvilket bliver skæbnesvangert. En international bande er i færd med at stjæle et kostbart maleri, som de får byttet med Bertrams mesterværk. Søsteren Winni tages som gidsel og nu kommer der drøn på! Især da Bertram sætter sig ved rattet i kæmpespeedbåden. Det hele slutter under store tumulter i Tivoli. Danmarks frækkeste og dejligste unger har slået til igen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Montana O (us) wrote: This is my favorite movie of all time. So screw you rotten tomatoes.

Ri A (au) wrote: I was expecting the sequel of Kidulthood better than this but still it's a good one, the ending part is really impressive & leaves the audience with loads of thoughts.

Susan J (de) wrote: Wonderfully fun film!

yusnita s (br) wrote: i hv watching this movie for many time on dvd...i like it

Brad S (ru) wrote: If you want to see a messed documentary, this is it. Was a hot ticket at Sundance.

David J (jp) wrote: A well-made slugfest, Gangs of New York is a disappointing film from one of Hollywoods best directors.

Tatjana T (it) wrote: strange. kind of weird. but it was alright.

Gregory W (ag) wrote: great movie beautiful to look at

Kristi H (it) wrote: I didn't know there were Saved by the Bell movies! I have to see this just because...I really don't have a good reason.

Gabe A (au) wrote: A lost classic of grindhouse cinema, the amateur figure-8 races are a great thrill.

John M (ag) wrote: I watched this movie in the late 80's and I just remembered a couple of scenes; I re-watched it because my girlfriend wanted to see it before checking the upcoming remake. "Mother's Day" is a very weird and cheesy piece of exploitation little film from the very beginning, and it stays demented throughout the whole film. The movie starts with a cool death scene, then there is just a couple gory scenes and some moments of suspense. The acting was fine for the low budget and there's a lot of very dark humor through-out that you cant help chuckle at at least once.A trashy, sadistic, brainless, backwoods/horror flick.