Three Colors: Blue

Three Colors: Blue

A woman struggles to find a way to live her life after the death of her husband and child.

A woman struggles to find a way to live her life after the death of her husband and child. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon C (jp) wrote: Yep, it's crap. Also stylish and oodles of fun.

JooHyun O (br) wrote: No matter how well filmed or not, I like this sort of family-oriented light romantic comedy!!!

Ricardo F (it) wrote: Quando vi o nome do filme que ia passar na HBO, traduzido como "Encontros e Desencontros", pensei que era o da Sofia Coppola. Mas era outro, homnimo. Que alis era ruim.

Bill G (ag) wrote: Ya know how when you're taking a dump after being constipated for a few days, you sit and strain in agony to get the mother lode of logjams out of you, and it's awful and strenuous, and at some point you make a promise to God that if He'd just bring the excremental ordeal to an end you'll go back to church, and then suddenly, it's out, and you feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from you? That's precisely what watching "Beaches" and then finally finishing "Beaches" is like. Precisely.

Harry W (mx) wrote: I had no idea what to expect from Grand Theft Auto, but with a title that matches a popular video game series, Ron Howard as director and Roger Forman as producer, I hoped possibly for some cheap fun in the gimmicks.Grand Theft Auto is actually pretty funny in parts for certain reasons. I mean, the film delivers what the title promises because it is packed with so many cars being stolen by repetitive and campy characters. But once that novelty wears off, the film begins to run out of steam fairly fast. I know that the film has a low budget and can only do so much, but going into a series of repetitive crashes with a hell of a lot of random characters makes it seem less like a narrative picture and more like a series of random comedy sketches which all follow the same central theme but are very hit and miss with their success. Fans of cheap car crash movies may enjoy the gimmicks in Grand Theft Auto, but it's lack of cheap versatility proves to be its downfall and not even Ron Howard's role as director can save that. He is more of a stunt director than anything in Grand Theft Auto, because it isn't that necessary to have a genuine film director to craft something as simple as Grand Theft Auto together.Ron Howard would later go on to beve a critically acclaimed director of many films, such as the Academy Award winning film A Beautiful Mind, so it is good to see him come so far since Grand Theft Auto. I guess it was just that film that he had to get out of the way before trying again. And for what it's worth, Grand Theft Autonjad a certain sense of low budget camp fun to it, but it is only so certain and is very inconsistent which means that Grand theft Auto is merely a sporadically funny comedy. There were a few moments where I laughed and I enjoyed a few of the car crashes, but the word few must be emphasised here. I guess I would say that Grand Theft Auto is fun in parts, but as a whole it is just ridiculous.Grand Theft Auto is so ridiculously over the top but underwhelming that it is line tree watched on fast forward. The actors actually speak fairly slow, and the increased speed of the film makes Grand Theft Auto a little bit more fun in an unintentional and very silly way. But the simple fact that Grand Theft Auto doesn't have funny characters means that it cannot break free of the limitations facing its simplistic theme and repetitive formula. If you're gonna build a film solely on the basis of car chases and crashes, then they have to be good ones. But although there are a few decent ones in the intro, Grand Theft Auto soon after ends up on a repetitive streak that it fails to escape. I mean if you watch the film for ten minutes, you've already seen everything you're going to see for the remaining 74 minutes. There are no surprises in Grand Theft Auto, and the cheap fun runs out of energy pretty fast do of ends up more as a simple novelty than as an actual film. Grand Theft Auto lacks the intelligence or originality of Ron Howard's many superior films, and the cheap fun of a good Roger Corman film.I guess if anything it would be kind of fun to pretend that Grand Theft Auto was a spin off of Happy Days because of how it features both Ron Howard and Marion Ross in performing roles, and they both do a decent job of things in their performances. The youthful charm of Nancy Morgan is also a nice touch.But despite a few funny moments, Grand Theft Auto is simply a sporadically funny comedy which is very repetitive, cheap and lacking in originality.

Tony M (gb) wrote: Kuroneko is a haunting tale of revenge, love lost, and duty. You won't know who to root for and you will be sad at the end regardless. Watch this one for yourselves. They don't make films like this one anymore.

Kaleb S (de) wrote: Awesome start to a five film series. Also, one of the most misquoted lines in cinema history comes from this film. So there's that.

Vuk O (au) wrote: Hollywood Shuffle is the predecessor to future great black comedy sketch shows, with Chappelle's Show coming to mind more than anything else. Obviously low budget, the movie relies on its story, which follows a young black actor through movie auditions where he constantly gets typecasted into negative stereotypical roles of pimps and junkies, but the whole thing is done in a satirical tone similar to Mel Brooks' movies and The Naked Gun Series.Even though watching this in 2015 feels slightly dated, it also offers a great look into the movie industry of the late 1980s and how black actors were treated back then, as a lot of their problems are still around. Lead actor Robert Towsend dominates and you can see where Chappelle got his inspiration from, but the whole movie is stacked with amazing black comedians, such as Paul Mooney and the Wayans brothers. Low budget, lots of heart. Definitely worth watching.

Timothy J (es) wrote: One of John Wayne's best.