Three Desperate Men

Three Desperate Men

When they learn that their brother Matt Denton (Ross Latimer) is awaiting trial in California, charged with train robbery, deputies Tom Denton (Preston Foster) and Fred Denton (Jim Davis) ...

When they learn that their brother Matt Denton (Ross Latimer) is awaiting trial in California, charged with train robbery, deputies Tom Denton (Preston Foster) and Fred Denton (Jim Davis) ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Danny M (es) wrote: Decent film. Nothing special but definitely worth a watch

Liam C (nl) wrote: For a movie based on a rather light TV show that barely went beyond 20 minutes, the filmmakers managed to give the movie a plot that didn't feel stretched out to just just reach a deadline. Postman Pat: The Movie might not be the greatest animated movie ever but it looks like someone at least put effort into this instead of just throwing it together to get some quick cash.It does have the nods to the TV show to make it relevant, it has the same theme song (and makes a joke about it), same font and same overall atmosphere, so there is some care here. Hearing Pat's new voice was odd but it makes sense and the voice sounded good as did everyone else in this pretty impressive cast. The story here is pretty good for what it was and actually had a good message at the end that had something really positive to say. The movie actually had some funny jokes in it, it has the slapstick humor that will appeal to younger audiences but at the same time has quite a lot of jokes for adults too with no gross out humor. I found Simon Cowbell quite funny and all the little references to other movies and directors I found quite amusing too.The only real complaint I have is with the robotic Pat and Jess designs. Other reviewers have already commented on it but their design is overly creepy and a little off putting. One scene in particular made me feel worried for younger children who saw this was when one of the Jess designs gets their exoskeleton burnt off to leave a Terminator type body and it was just in the shadows walking slowly toward the screen with glowing red eyes and sharp teeth and that's just going too far. The giant smiles of the Pat robots isn't much better either. I watched this movie with my younger sister and it didn't bother her, which I am glad but I can't believe the creators saw that and said that was okay. I'm not someone who will get easily offended by something but there's a line and considering the age group this is aimed at they crossed it.Besides that, I did have a good time with the movie and it was a lot better than I ever thought it would be but those robots really were off putting. Making a movie on something that isn't as relevant as it once was would give anyone an excuse to get lazy (or they could feel inspired to breath new life into it depending on how you look at it) but that doesn't happen here, which is good.

Neil D (kr) wrote: 3+1 for topic, honesty and radicalism.

Marshall O (br) wrote: I hate when characters in a movie constantly act stupid and do and say the most idiotic things.

Cynthia S (ag) wrote: The narrators storyline ruins what the rest of the movie seems geared to accomplish. What few merits this film has unfortunately fall apart by the end. If you feel for the characters at all, you will not by then. One of those movies that the critics seemed to like, and I just don't see why....

Chloe C (jp) wrote: this comedy is super funny with Auteuil and Elmaleh. LOVE it :D

Adam F (ca) wrote: They didn't have video diesel but apart from that it was epic

Dona H (au) wrote: Great movie, I loved it! George Strait did a good job with the acting and of course, the singing.'I cross my Heart' is now my favorite song.

Shawn W (fr) wrote: Penelope Spheeris feature about two punk rockers looking for their friend's killers tries to be too much. Part road trip adventure film, part revenge movie and part comedy. Probably could have worked best as a serious revenge movie.

Amy G (ag) wrote: wonderfully terrible. though not as bad as some...

Jimmy M (fr) wrote: One of Grant's more serious films. Suspensful and interesting if not alittle propagandist.

Colton D (br) wrote: One of the best rom-coms of recent memory that is equally sweet as it is gut-bustingly funny.

Private U (au) wrote: Dr. Jekyll (Anthony Perkins!) invents crack, becomes addicted and turns into Jack Hyde. Yes, Jack, as in... JACK THE RIPPER!!! Sounds great but the execution is pretty bad. Former porn director Gerard Kikoine has no ability to create atmosphere, whatsoever. A sadly missed opportunity.