Three Dollars

Three Dollars

Eddie is a principled man, with a wife, a daughter and a mortgage and leads a seemingly stable and happy life as a government land assessor. Yet when the forces of economic and social change threaten this, he realises just how fragile his reality and security is. After losing his job, he checks his bank balance and finds he has only 'three dollars' to his name.

THREE DOLLARS is the story of Eddie, an honest, compassionate man who finds himself with a wife, a child, and three dollars. Eddie's world revolves around the three women in his life: his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ginger J (gb) wrote: Saw this at an early screening, it's quite enjoyable

Felipe D (kr) wrote: Not interested... Because of Mandy Moore.

David G (gb) wrote: I remember this coming out in 1993 and can't believe it's taken me until 2016 to watch it. A thoroughly enjoyable movie and more than just another martial arts flick. Yes, all of that high kicking and punching is there, but the theme of race is also discussed throughout too. A little more emphasis on the Green Hornet days would have made it better for meJason Scott Lee and Lauren Holly play Bruce and Linda superbly.

Jason T (jp) wrote: Great Sci-Fi/Fantasy/ACtion/Adventure, I have not seen this movie since I was a kid

Josh P (mx) wrote: Liam Neeson is THRILLING!! So much ready for the sequel!

Simon T (br) wrote: Ignore the snipers: this is a fantastic, relentlessly exciting and often very funny adventure. Spielberg's camera is never still as the story - an origins tale revolving around Captain Haddock's ancestor and his nemesis, the pirate Red Rackham - catapults the young reporter from the boulevards of Paris to the souks of Morocco, via desert storms and careening freight ships. Gloriously designed, wittily voiced and scripted, this is a great family movie.

Carson B (mx) wrote: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, is even more emotionally driven and more captivating than the original! Not only that, but the directing is SO much better, this is a gorgeous film.

Nick P (ag) wrote: A pretty witty, hilarious, children's story for adults. It's not the production value, but the brilliance of the dialogue that attracts and keeps us hooked and snickering through out. Enjoyably different from Richard Bates Jr's first hard to take-in film.

Bill B (nl) wrote: In something of a "Oh c'mon, REALLY?" twist, a girl with a mysterious past begins to remember that she used to live in the sorority house that she's moving into, and that her brother slaughtered the entire family in said house...and maybe he's not done.Dun-dun-dun.It's an okay timewaster, and I'm happy to have gotten it off the To-Watch Pile.