Three Girls from Rome

Three Girls from Rome

Three beautiful seamstresses from one of the fashionable dress salons near the Piazza de Spagna in Rome gather on the steps of the square to eat lunch and talk of their love lives. Marisa, ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1952
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:widow,   jealousy,   italy,  

Three beautiful seamstresses from one of the fashionable dress salons near the Piazza de Spagna in Rome gather on the steps of the square to eat lunch and talk of their love lives. Marisa, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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NaNeeka T (kr) wrote: Another horror anthology, this time with all women directors. And that all you really need to know. None of these 4 shorts really stand out. I did like the stylings and darkness of the Annie Clarke (St. Vincent) short.

Hobie P (br) wrote: The only saving grace to this film is Amanda Bynes.

Anna W (kr) wrote: really can't believe I made it all the way through this one. It was quite lame, a man who can't act acting as a man who can't act what brilliance!! note the sarcasm

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Jamyn J (mx) wrote: ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVES!!!

Gel L (es) wrote: An unenjoyable experience the controversial topic is supposed to be interesting but the representation is really horrible

Jeff B (kr) wrote: The story is a bit hokey, but the cinematography is beautiful and there are some cute scenes.

Jim M (kr) wrote: argh. Los Angeles. A serial killer goes about slaughtering convienance store employes. His latest victims to be is Steve (Eduardo Garcia) the owner, Jimmy (James Duval) his drug addict nephew, Donnie (Peter Story) a pussy with a thing for a hooker, Jess (Elizabeth Nicole) said hooker, and Mona (Ellie English) proud phone sex worker. Thats about it. None of the characters are particularly likeable, most are underwritten and none act in any manner you'd recognize as human. But worst of all is the killer. He's barely present. A horror movie succeeds or fails on whether or not it possess a sense of malevolence. The killer doesn't need to be on screen BUT there must be a presience that instills a sense of forboding...this doesn't have that. The villian is not scary or threatening (most of the victims wander off alone DESPITE said serial killer being all over the news and despite the previous victims prolonged absence and despite a huge fucking blood trial dismissed as I kid you not ketchup). Failing the presence of dread, danger, malevolence a horror movie can shock you with gore and violence. The gore and violence are standard, even a man getting cut in half with a power saw they manage to fuck it up, the scene fails to regester. Now horror films aren't known for amazing dialogue but this dialogue is horrible (Donnie's trying to convince the killer not to kill him, killer says he's lying Donnie responds why would i lie at a time like this? Uhmm. Maybe cause I'm about to cut your fucking head off? is what the killer should have said). Yeah this film fails on just about every level imaginable. Avoid. NOTE: I do find it disturbing that these characters (the victims) are discribed as lowlifes and deviant in the description (online and on the case). Steves a hard ass, Jimmy's trying to go straight but having a rough go going cold turkey (common story), Donnie's fat and a pussy, and the 2 sex workers are just trying to make ends meat. Hell Jess was my favorite character (not saying much but she showed the most redeeming qualties) and not just because she showed some leg alot of clevage and was smoking hot. Point is labelling these characters deviant or lowlife indicates the director/writer/marketing department has never interacted with the real world.

Christopher J (gb) wrote: Conrad Veidt and Valerie Hobson make the unlikeliest of screen couples in gripping wartime espionage thriller. Available on DVD in Australia, but not UK or US!

Craig W (mx) wrote: This isn't so much of a film review but a review on Brit Marling. An aspiring actress who saw the lack of opportunities in Hollywood (varied slasher films auditions which involved running away half naked from madmen with chainsaws, for instance) and took it upon herself to write her own screenplays and create her own personal art form, which won the recognition she deserved. This film is a credit to her and a credit to the film industry. A low budget 'sci-fi' - now i use the sci-fi genre tag loosely here as it's been pulled apart by some critics and I can see why, but it's more of a deep thinking drama. A compelling story that unfolds slowly exploring all the tragedies of life and the beauty within people with the screenplay revolving around character building. It won't be for everyone. But it's well worth a mention as these films tend to go under the radar along with people like Brit Marling - who should be acknowledged.

Brandon S (br) wrote: It may not be my favorite Hitchcock film, but Tippi Hedren gave a dark and intense turn here that totally blew me away.