Three Godfathers

Three Godfathers

Four outlaws come to New Jerusalem, a town full of courteous and religious people, to rob the bank. After shooting the president of the bank, only three make it out of town followed by the posse. By the time they get to the second desert water hole, they find it dry and also find a wagon with a dying mother and baby. When the horses are dead the next morning, the three outlaws have no choice but to try to walk back to New Jerusalem and only two want to take the baby.

Four outlaws come to New Jerusalem, a town full of courteous and religious people, to rob the bank. After shooting the president of the bank, only three make it out of town followed by the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter F (ru) wrote: A much better second film for Joachim Trier, after his technically impressive but muddled debut, Reprise. Oslo, August 31st is a very strong drug addiction drama, that concentrates on the troubles post-recovery. The film has a very steady pace throughout, which is made even more powerful by an ending that is best described as haunting. With this and Headhunters, 2012 might be the year that America finally starts to acknowledge Norwegian cinema.

Tom B (nl) wrote: dissapointing, different but apart from Congo backdrops this film is pointless.

Alfin N (ca) wrote: Super duper melo-nostalgic film that goes into slow-mo in almost every other scene. Maybe some old time Hong-Kongers are wetting their faces off at this, but I'm not sure about everyone else.

Daniel S (jp) wrote: well made thriller that shows how bad it is to get into a world of crime, as things just keep spiraling more and more out of control for these people who clearly have no business dealing with the things they are, it moves fast, the acting is good, and very well written

Tutti D (gb) wrote: well done and enjoyable but false advertising! I was expecting more family rivalry stuff but it quickly became obvious that it was all about the kid preparing for his mitzvah. seems like a made for tv movie that was upgraded later on. still, yeah, was enjoyable enough.

Armando B (ca) wrote: Syriana is a confusing and puzzling story which is poorly told. Characters seemed to drift in and out of this movie with no clear purpose and at times no obvious connection. Especially with George Clooney and Matt Damon leading the way, I think it was a waste of good actors. So for this being a not good movie, or I guess this was just not for me, I give "Syriana" a D.

Kelsey C (us) wrote: Was a very good movie, cried three times because it was a very deep story line. Pauly Shore is a great director.

Ryan G (es) wrote: brilliant, one of the finest films ever made, a history lesson that should not be avoided. Shot entirely on hand held cameras, Greengrass takes you into the heart of a horrific event that people have tried to sweep under the rug.

Steve S (ca) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Paul D (gb) wrote: Certainly one of Brooks' better efforts. Sure, the acting and production value is as bad as ever, but on the other hand it is hard not to laugh at this comedy. Gregory Hines by far is the films funniest performer...every scene he is in makes this a comedy classic. Brooks himself is pretty good himself. It does deliver more than a few groaners as well, but overall I still get a kick out of it.

Mara B (jp) wrote: Ball of Fire is a very lighthearted film that has the right cast, great writing, great timing, great direction, a slightly silly ending, a caper or two, a believable romance, a wonderful scene with Krupa and his orchestra, and just about anything else you would expect from a 1940s farce.

Samuel C (de) wrote: Springy little silent comedy, set against the backdrop of beautifully rendered New York City (seemingly unaffected by the Depression) with Lloyd at his creative peak.

Simon D (br) wrote: A period drama about a court case which escalates to be a pre-civil war debate about slavery. It does have some very dramatic scenes and is well acted out by a strong cast but it is too long and pretty slow.

Chris B (nl) wrote: Sooo sad that I like this so much!