Three Hams on Rye

Three Hams on Rye

The stooges are stage hands who also have small parts in a big play. They quickly get on the bad side of the producer. First they fail to prevent a famous critic from sneaking into the audience. Then Shemp accidentally adds a pot holder into a cake they bake as a prop. During the play the stooges (as southern gentlemen) and the rest of the cast spit up feathers during what was supposed to be a serious scene. The critic thinks it's a hilarious satire and the boys are redeemed.

The stooges are stage hands who also have small parts in a big play. They quickly get on the bad side of the producer. First they fail to prevent a famous critic from sneaking into the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zachary M (au) wrote: I really can't see why so many people didn't at least like this movie. It is a fine story in examining a man's insecurity and delusions that his once perfect world no longer existence and his inability to try and find any way to adapt to this world. On the other hand, you do have to keep in mind that most people would also find it hard to if they were in that predicament. It is certainly not without flaws, but it didn't fail to deliver what I thought I was going to get going into it, hardships and the people trying to deal or more correctly not being able to deal with such a world shaking tragedy.

Dustin I (fr) wrote: This is another riveting masterpiece from Batmanglij and Brit Marling! The integrity of the human spirit is always at center point and often explored in ways only a seasoned visionary could concoct!

Eline D (ca) wrote: interesting peek into Jordan society

Mark K (ag) wrote: True genuis. Story line was great and the animation was fantastic.

James M (mx) wrote: Really enjoyed this film

Christine W (de) wrote: Graham Swifts novel bored me senseless. However, the film was so moving and poignant.

Kieran S (it) wrote: How in the hell did this movie only receive a 30% is beyond me. Amazing cast and a real movie that made me happy after watching.

Bill K (jp) wrote: Alien eggs, exploding stomachs, bad dubbing, non-linear storyline. Yep, Italian knock-off of ALIEN. Bonus: the music is migraine inducing.

Robert L (kr) wrote: The absolute worst, most disgusting movie I have ever seen. I regretted every minute that I stayed watching this debacle. Too bad that zero stars is not an option.

Carlos R (ca) wrote: This film marked a considerable downfall for one of my idols. It was weird, yet everyone liked it. Robert Rodriguez got extremely wrapped up in the George Lucas style of shooting films. All green screen and digital effects. Though everyone praises Machete, No one cared much for its sequel or a Dame to Kill For. But to his credit, he has put himself in the wonderful position to do whatever he wants. It just pains me that most of these actors were never even in the same room with each other. I'd venture to call that an editor's dream.This film is 4 stories that not only interlay well but broke the mold at the same time. It is like the remake of psycho in a way that is it a 100% accurate depiction of its source material. It broke the mold of digital filming at the time and was so different to our eyes even though it was simply black and white. When colors are used, it seems to fit the mood perfect. It took a truly ensemble cast and translated Frank Millers work beautifully. It also seems a lot like Planet Terror in how they stuck to a genre, the embodiment of noir. This movie made Robert Rodriguez even more of a pioneer. It is bloody like a Tarantino movie. Also, it isn't in chronological order, which is another staple of Quentin. It is over dramatic and perfectly cartoony. The pulpy way it plays was interesting and Frank Millers early works will always be classic. Never personally was too big of a fan, but I understand the accomplishments of the film.

Thomas B (nl) wrote: ***A fitting end to the original Enterprise crew's adventures, that certainly does a better job than The Final Frontier did. That being said, it's not perfect, and there's one thing I can help but notice - they're way too old to be doing this kind of thing, and it shows in some scenes.

Julian H (ru) wrote: GREAT! I really don't see why people don't think it's great too. It's 5/5, it's just as good as T2! T5/TG is a lot more modern, with even more special effects and detail than the others. I highly recommend this movie. I wonder what T6 will bring in the coming years!