Three Many Weddings

Three Many Weddings

A woman attends wedding of successive men in her life, though she gets to find a soul mate.

Ruth (Inma Cuesta), a young researcher at a university, successive attends wedding of her ex, of those who were his "men in her life", but she gets to find a soul mate. Is there anything ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Diego L (mx) wrote: A total piece of horseshit. The director should go to prison for such an awful, senseless and painless to watch movie.

Claude H (us) wrote: Always like movies if they based on true events and are well done. Watched a few good ones on Netflix lately.

Samantha G (fr) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Thomas D (kr) wrote: Some days i hate it, some days i love it.

Abel D (de) wrote: While the duo may not be front and center, and the slapstick not particularly inventive, the 3rd Asterix offering still offers enough colourful, cartoony antics. The only major note is a fairly amusing parody of Depardieu's iconic role as Cyrano De Bergerac during one scene.

Sam T (us) wrote: Not the best film ever with a poor predictable storyline and poor cast. I didn??t expect a lot and that what I got.

Louis W (it) wrote: A chillingly realistic performance from the versatile actor that is Jamie Foxx!

Mloy X (br) wrote: Jessie Duncan (Rebecca Romaijn): What took you so long? Paul Duncan (Greg Kinnear): I ran into an old student, I got held up.I remembered a time when I would watch anything Greg Kinnear did because I was so in-love with this actor after having watched him in the "Sabrina" remake. He's a great actor and he wasn't bad in this one either. Rebecca Romijn is a hit-or-miss kind of actress but she didn't do too poorly in this one. Robert De Niro is normally a great actor but I think he went a little too cheesy in this one, a little too melodramatic. I liked the premise of the story and the acting wasn't too bad but it felt too slow and a lot of plot was dragged out too much. Although, I must admit, there were some pretty good scary moments in the film which I found thoroughly enjoyable; but other than that, this was a pretty luck-luster movie and it was difficult to root for or even relate any of the characters.

Jamie C (mx) wrote: A fun fresh film that has some funny moments but tends to drag in the middle and lose its momentum, Like all animations these days it's predictable but fun, Nothing more nothing less.

Robert I (it) wrote: Larry Drake is the shit, but this movie loses a lot of steam from the first one.

Ethan P (br) wrote: I felt like one of the hostages in the bank, holding out hope that I would survive through the end. I get that Dog Day Afternoon is important because it makes an interesting statement on human nature and it brings up human rights issues about sexual and gender identities in a time when that wasn't necessarily acceptable. But it is largely a dull, desperate and exhausting affair. We are trapped in the same room with the same people yelling and waving and threatening for 2 hours and nothing really transpires except for the slow, strange development of the main character.Part of the intent of the film was to display how people change when they are in the spotlight. Sonny turns into a raving "hero" demanding outlandish requests in exchange for the hostages and performing for the people in the streets. The pizza man dances for the crowd and the head teller refuses to leave her girls because her and the others are getting so much attention. It's interesting to see them transform. I also thought it was fascinating how it pushed such liberal themes in a time period that largely rejected them, with some of the major characters being homosexual and transgender people. Al Pacino's character is dynamic and we slowly learn about him as the robbery progresses. First that he has a wife, then that he has a gay lover, then that he's married to both and his mistress needs a sex change and that he has a troubled relationship with his mother. His motives for the robbery give insight into who he was and what his priorities are. And Pacino does a good job of not playing to homosexual stereotypes and delivering a character who is gay and different, but not flamboyant. But I didn't like how gross and unappealing all the characters become. Aesthetically, the film is poor. It's a boring, blank bank with unattractive, stressed out characters. The film's central issue is that is largely a tiring bore. It is tense at the beginning, but 30 minutes in the tension has broken and it's exhausting to watch Pacino and the cops constantly go back and forth. As a bank robbery, it is really dry. It consistently brings new characters into the story, such as his lover, his wife, his mother to further develop him. The conclusion was also pretty satisfying where the police trick his friend, shoot him in the head and clear the bus. I get why Dog Day Afternoon is relevant because of its themes and unique central character, but I can only take so much of Al Pacino pacing around sweating, yelling constantly.

Gordon B (gb) wrote: From the high life of the wealthy elites to the squalled lows of the country's poor this Japanese crime film is a gritty and entertaining tale of cops, kidnappers, and class conflicts

John C (mx) wrote: One of those rare films that has the romantic element, the mythic element, the thriller and amazing performances. I absolutely fell in love with this film and loved actress Julia ormond. She has a way of expressing grief pain love with her facial expressions, I also loved the father and sons story how one son felt that his father always loved his second oldest than him. In the end family comes together through tough times. A must see.

Jeje W (ca) wrote: The Phantom Menace is a glorious piece of crap. It is the most disappointing movie I've ever seen in my life. The CGI in this film looks like a video game fresh out of 2002. Jar Jar Binks is the menace in this movie. Everything about him is terrible. Not only is Jar Jar terrible, everyone is. Everyone. Even Ian McDiarmid, who steps up his game only in Episode III. But everyone is just awful in this film. And back on CGI, the movie is filled with it. There is one shot in the whole movie that isn't bombarded with computer generated dung. The story makes no sense. At least not for a Star Wars movie. It shouldn't even be a movie because it doesn't add anything to the franchise's story except for how they found Anakin. I really hated The Phantom Menace and I don't understand why there is a lot of people who actually like it. It pains me to say that The Phantom Menace gets a 3/10.

TheRantingAnchor R (it) wrote: I will constantly praise Emma Stone's performance in this movie as well as Andrew Garfield's performance as the web-slinger side of Parker; however, it feels too familiar.