Three Missing Links

Three Missing Links

The stooges are janitors working in a movie studio. After wrecking the bosses office, they get jobs as actors in an African movie. Curly plays a gorilla and Moe and Larry are primitive natives. On location in Africa, the stooges have a confrontation with a witch doctor from whom Curly buys some "love candy" with hopes of attracting the films leading lady. When a female gorilla disrupts the movie set, Curly eats some of the candy and chases after her.

The stooges are janitors working in a movie studio. After wrecking the bosses office, they get jobs as actors in an African movie. Curly plays a gorilla and Moe and Larry are primitive ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angela W (nl) wrote: 5star for on9 lv999the novel is quite good (lousy ending though) but the movie is terrible

Chris P (de) wrote: First of all, let me point out that this is mainly an ENVIRONMENTAL film. That's clearly the message this movie is trying to send...that every decision we, as humans, make effect the environment and the creatures living in it in some way. When several animals never even been around Africa lose their homes due to human action, they converge together and end up in Africa, where they meet up with Billy the Meerkat (who has to be a relative of Timon, he's just like him) and Socrates the Lion (who has turned from a carnivore to a vegetarian all because of one experience that killed his brother...when they went to an ELEPHANT GRAVEYARD - again with the Lion King reference!). The animals in Africa haven't received their yearly water cascade, so they go on a lengthy mission to find it. Lo and behold, humans have dammed up the water so that they can have it for their own luxury resort. With a united effort (as the movie's title implies), the group overcomes all odds (and one maniacal Hunter) to break the dam and return nature's peace to normal (as Socrates' sole goal in life mentions). This is a film you might be confused by at first with all the characters being thrown at you at once, but as the story goes along, it all comes together to teach its message. "Animals United" may not be realistic in the fact that all the animals wouldn't start a revolution, but the message comes across the same that we need to have a heart (just like the big business man's daughter, Mya), because we're not the only ones sharing the Earth.

Alec B (au) wrote: While a lot of academic talking heads analyzing Darger's work might have yielded some interesting discussion . . . his writing and paintings stand in place beyond normal criticism and analysis. They are just as enigmatic as their creator, but that is why they are so fascinating.

Pradipta D (mx) wrote: Animasi gabungan 2D dan 3D membuat film menjadi lebih menarik untuk dintonton. Sayangnya plot yang rumit tidak didukung penokohan yang kuat. Hanya berakhir pada ending biasa saja, tidak melampaui film terdahulunya.

Jason S (mx) wrote: well besides alyssa millano is in it kindof odd and yet funny movie

Randy R (jp) wrote: I love the scenes on this one. Great acting Tom Selleck. I very very enjoy it.

Courtland P (ca) wrote: This is an all time classic. Most people probrably never saw or heard about this movie but they should watch it right away. Do yourself a favor and watch this movie.

John K (gb) wrote: I loved this film when i first saw it on its original cinema release. Just watched it again and it doesn't quite live up to my expectations. Still has some funny moments.

Sara V (it) wrote: very funny esp. the last sequence

Dario R (it) wrote: I've finally have seen all the Arnold Schwarzenegger films; with the exception of The Expendables 3 (more of a Stallone film). I gotta say I was quite entertained by this film/documentary. Who knew watching men lift weights could be so entertaining? It helps having Arnold's awesome personality in the film, in this film you see the making of a superstar. I never realized competitive bodybuilding could be so cut-throat. This was the first time I didn't cheer for Arnold in film; I found him arrogant, but likable. I was on team Lou Ferringo's side. The film boasts an awesome 70's soundtrack, and those 70's wardrobe and haircuts are just too awesome. This film made me feel a little bad about how out of shape I am, luckily I had my large barrel of cheeseballs to make me feel better.

Adam A (fr) wrote: Even though "The Gold Rush" keeps the usual Charlie Chaplin formula ongoing, it still provides silly comedy at its best!

Wendy M (es) wrote: Really sweet alternative to a traditional romcom!

Tyler S (gb) wrote: Eh...good cast just kind of stupid, silly, over the top moments that don't pack a single comedic punch, or any since of believability. It's just really a stupid film with too many forced jokes.