Three O'Clock High

Three O'Clock High

A high school nerd, Jerry Mitchell (Siemaszko) is assigned to write a piece for the school paper about new boy Buddy Revell (Tyson), who is rumored to be a psychopathic nutcase. When Jerry accidentally touches Buddy, he says that they must fight in the parking lot at 3pm. Jerry will just about do anything to avoid the confrontation

The film chronicles a high school nerd's much hyped after-school bout with the infamous class bully. As he desperately attempts to escape the impending fight, he instead ends up finding the courage to stand up to the tough boy he is asked to write a story on. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Irina T (es) wrote: Not perfect, but still extremely entertaining and heartwarming. It is interesting to look at life from the point of view from a teenage Asperger's who's trying to understand what life really is about. In addition, the fresh colours found in the movie, and especially Jennifer's charm plus Simon's retardedness in many of the scenes, really keep the movie going. I still feel that Sam should have been with Jennifer at the end though. It's great to know that some stories don't have perfect endings and they focus on moving on from relationships, but this time round I feel that Sam has gone through so much and should look forward to being with a really awesome and radiant girl like Jennifer. It is 9.19 pm. Over and out. :D 8/10

Steve W (es) wrote: Sleepless Night is a tense and claustrophobic action thriller in the vein of Taken and Die Hard. Corrupt cop Vincent steals 10 kilos of coke from some guys, and one of them rips off his mask, while the other escapes. The crime lord and owner of the drugs kidnaps Vincent`s son, and that is only the beginning.The movie is simple yet brilliantly executed, a terrific thriller with a neat concept. It all takes place in a crowded night club, full of little subplots and characters all gunning for the main character. My only complaint is that the ending is a little messy when it comes to resolutions. Other than that, its a taut and lean action thriller worth that`s worth your time.

Rich F (us) wrote: Utterly Fantastic - tells the Joy Division story directly from those at the centre of it with the background of 70s Manchester fused with modern day Manchester - must watch for any Joy Division fan or Mancunian

Carol B (it) wrote: wonderful movie. i can watch it over an over.

Vitor S (ru) wrote: Je crois que c'est un film maginifique. Comment Jean Reno est l, il fait d'action pendant tout le film. C'est sure.

Omar L (es) wrote: Colin Farrell's best movie...

Adam R (ru) wrote: I am shocked that people actually enjoy this. It is considered Jane Fonda's breakthrough and Lee Marvin won an Oscar for his two roles, but don't ask me how or why. I found it really boring and the "The Ballad of Cat Ballou" really wears on you. It didn't have the spirit of a Western and it was an unfunny attempt at a spoof. (First and only viewing - 8/10/2014)

Bo K (kr) wrote: Fantastic in all aspects!

Leon B (us) wrote: Review:It's not exactly the Lion King, but it's a fun movie with laughs along the way. The storyline was average for a kiddie movie and the whole half striped zebra thing was original but not that great. The thing that saved the movie was the different characters, who were quite funny and definitely great for the kids. The director tried to mix up the humour with adult and kiddie jokes but the animation wasn't that great. It won't go down as a classic but the journey of Khumba does have a hidden moral to the story which is sweat and enjoyable for the whole family. Average!Round-Up:Some of the voices throughout the movie are very recognisable and they were a great choice for some of the animals. From Liam Neeson, Laurence Fishbourne and Steve Buscemi, they were a great addition to the cast, but it movie lacked proper humour like the Lego Movie or The Incredibles. I appreciate the attention to detail of some of the scenes, but the animals looked very basic, along with some of the backdrops but that's just me being picky. Anyway, it's great fun if your watching it with the family, but for an adult, the jokes weren't that great.Budget: $20millionWorldwide Gross: $11.6millionI recommend this movie to people who are into there animated movies about a half striped zebra looking for magic water so he can get stripes to cover the rest of his body. 4/10

Halimali H (it) wrote: Christian Slater plays a priest here as priest Clement. He is given the mission to find out and investigate when a fellow Priest is accused of murdering a young man. Later the church orders him to stop working on the case but he still continues to work in the same case with the help of a reporter because he is convinced that the accused priest is innocent. There are many movies released with the same subject and The Confessor is not that outstanding movie in the crowd. The movie is just average nothing great about it. Has some good music going on the background. The acting can be described as plain at best. The story was moving very slow and I was about to fall sleep at some parts. The Ratings: -Entertainment: 40% -Performances: 50% -Direction: 40% -Cinematography/Special effects: 50% -Background Music: 60% -Duration: 60% Overall: 50% ====> 50%

Ryan M (mx) wrote: 9.0/10 Only two films in, and I already love him; Jacques Tati is now one of my favorite filmmakers, and his famous character, Mr. Hulot, is one of my favorite movie-characters yet. I say this without having yet finished the man's entire filmography; but I'll get to it soon enough. Oh yes I will. And happily so; if his films continue to be as great and pleasurable as "Mr. Hulot's Holiday" and this, then I'm guessing he's some kind of genius. "Mon Oncle" has more of a story when compared to "Mr. Hulot's Holiday". That film was special because it was observant, calm, and witty; and also satirical, as I must mention such an admirably fine quality. "Mon Oncle" has some of the same positive attributes, and I like it for the same reasons, but it has somewhat of a different aim. But then again, some of the targets are brought over from the earlier film and given to the later one. And I'm OK with that. Mr. Hulot (Jacques Tati), everyone's favorite bumbling French schmuck, has left that very memorable beach resort, and is now staying close-by his nephew and the kid's parent's house. The child adores Uncle Hulot; who also loves him back. Perhaps the kid loves Hulot even more than his own parents; given how hilariously materialistic, lazy, and rude they are. Hulot doesn't wish to follow in their footsteps. They may be rich, but they are, quite frankly, nothing but snobs. While they live in a big house, complete with a fish-water-statue in the front yard, Mr. Hulot is fine with living in Paris, in a neighborhood populated with school children and a plethora of dogs. He is unemployed, but he has always been one to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, so I guess that doesn't bug him much either. He'd much rather just go and pick his nephew up from school each day, be proud of himself for doing so, and allow life to run its course. I got the most fun out of watching "Mon Oncle" when it was allowing itself to become a fine, very fine showcase of Tati's adoration for "visual gags". There's a hilarious scene where Mr. Hulot picks up a drinking glass, drops it a couple times, discovers it can bounce due to an added thing on the bottom, and does so with a regular glass; causing that one to shatter. There are many jokes, and memorable scenes, in "Mon Oncle". I could spoil them all for you and be an asshole, but why would I want to do that? Sure, it's fun to be an ass, even if a guy like Tati probably would not approve, but it's not fun to spoil jokes for people and therefore I won't do that. Like "Mr. Hulot's Holiday", the second Mr. Hulot outing is an innocent but very funny "good time". It was as interesting as it was well-timed in a comedic sense. Hulot is, as I described in my review for "Mr. Hulot's Holiday", a "human tornado". He picks up everything in his path and takes it with him; without noticing. Here, he is living in a world that he can't understand; nor does he know that if he tried, he COULD understand it. He sits on the couch, turns it over the wrong way, and doesn't mind. He walks in the fountain water. He knows not of his idiotic behavior. But I suppose that's what makes it funny. I enjoyed the satire that the film presents its audience with. Those who go to the movie for what it is will certainly enjoy themselves; and I know I did. There's something special in each Mr. Hulot film, I presume, and if there's anything here that "Mr. Hulot's Holiday" didn't have; it's the supporting-cast of doggies and the addition of the futuristic-type setting. The film seems to present a combination of the past and the future of technology. This was probably intentional. As was most things in "Mon Oncle". It's a wonderful film, I enjoyed it as much as I could, and for all its goofy glory, it's a movie you should see.

John O (ca) wrote: Another cheesy and dull B Subpar Film Noir. Some interesting plot elements but not enough to keep my attention

Trey M (nl) wrote: Top 5 worst movie of all time!