Three Sappy People

Three Sappy People

The stooges are phone repairmen who are mistaken for the psychiatrists in whose office they are working. A rich man hires them to treat his impetuous young wife who is always running of for submarine rides and the like. The boys ruin a dinner party at their clients mansion but their antics so amuse his wife the she is cured and the stooges are paid off handsomely.

The stooges are phone repairmen who are mistaken for the psychiatrists in whose office they are working. A rich man hires them to treat his impetuous young wife who is always running of for... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karine C (br) wrote: j'ai beaucoup aimer ce film! c'est simple mais ca nous rappelle pleins de choses de notre generation! on retourne vraiment au primaire dans les annees 80! meme si je connaissais personne qui joue dans ce film, j'ai trouver tout les personnages de la famille vraiment geniaux! des scenes droles mais aussi certaines emotionnelles qui nous rappellent les conflits parents-enfants.

Christian g (mx) wrote: Great movie Antonio bandera best movie to date

Allison K (it) wrote: Just got around to watching this..forgot about all the people in it...really enjoyed it...

Mikko D (it) wrote: Pretty basic "superteacher" film but it's damn inspiring. It really shows how important a one man can be in a schoolsystem.

Sylvester K (fr) wrote: It's not too bad for a low budget film but the special effect is laughable. Not scary at all despite the poster being fantastic, the plot is simply ridiculous, who came up with the idea of Hungarian sword?

Adam R (de) wrote: Not as enchanting as some of the earlier movies in the series, but it was nice to see Luna Lovegood make her first screen appearance. Still an exciting movie, but not my favorite. (First viewing - Summer 2007 in theaters)

Afal S (br) wrote: Separate Lies belongs in that category of films which have been directed by promising screenwriters who have tried, and failed, to make the leap towards direction. Separate Lies has a strong sense of character and situation, as you would expect from a good screenwriter like Julian Fellowes. Indeed, Fellowes cleverly weaves an intriguing plot from the heart-felt predicament of his central characters and their quietly desperate middle class lives, which spin out of control after a crime. Fellowes avoids the usual Brit cliches. Instead, he creates individual characters and develops, from a small situation, a more universal message about the inherently flawed nature of humanity. However, there are some significant problems with the script. Firstly, Fellowes' screenplay is based on a novel from the early 1950's. While he succeeds in updating his central character (but then the up-to-date Manning is clearly from the old school), the other characters suffer from anachronism. While Anne is far from a one-dimensional wife and adultress, her choices make it apparent that she is from a time before female emancipation. The supporting characters have it worst- Bill Bule isn't far from an upper class cad, and while the police Inspector is a welcome reflection of Britain's contemporary multicultural society, he still comes across like a dinosaur from classic crime fiction. But it is as a director that Fellowes really fails. He has no eye for London, Paris or the Home Counties (rather he seems to have mostly kept his face shoved in his script). Maybe this is why the film feels more like a stage play. While the individual acting is very good, I felt the group scenes weren't well-handled. And as mentioned above, poor Rupert Everett and David Harewood don't have much to go on with their underwritten, anachronistic characters. Overall, Separarte Lies is an interesting little film with a promising screenplay, but one that suffers from its updating to the present, and which needed a far more experienced director.

Ben F (au) wrote: Ya, so this was the movie rental for my 12th birthday in 1983. The party was a flop.

Movie K (es) wrote: Inspired by a true story. Average action movie. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson return to his hometown for good after 8 years as a soldier. The sheriff Michael Bowen know him and insist to fetch him home. He wanted to work at the mill but it was closed 3 years ago. His family (John Beasley, Barbara Tarbuck, Kristen Wilson, Khleo Thomas) keep life simple. Johnny Knoxville is Dwayne old friend and gather with other friends just like old times. Neal McDonough is the old nemesis that shut down the mill and open the casino. They play football and in the last play Kevin Durand knock Dwayne left knee and they lose the game. Neal know about his old injury. He ask Dwayne to drop by the casino and he agree. He saw Khleo and some kids smoking weed and warn him. The gang go to casino as VIP. Dwayne enjoy the striptease show and is surprise to see his ex Ashley Scott. Dwayne saw the staff switch the dice with a rigged one. He create troubles and the security soon attack him and he is knock out. Kevin took his special forces pendent and use a pen knife to cut him. He is alive luckily. Dwayne is recuperating well at home. Neal visit him and says the guy is sacked. Dwayne also reject his money and job offer. He go to sheriff to press charges but Michael says case close. The casino is a good revenue for the town and it is untouchable. Ashely pays a visit to Dwayne and pass him the jacket. Khleo take drugs and ambulance is called. Dwayne ask the other kids where they got the drugs and he go back home to load his shotgun and find Kevin at the casino. But he decide to barge in with a wood instead. He beat up many security and smash the place. The sheriff catch him. Standing trial, Dwayne is offer to plead guilty and get lighter sentence but he refuse. Even his lawyer is bribe by Neal and Dwayne fight his own. He tell the jury he will fight for the right thing, run for sheriff and show his scars. He is not guilty of the charges by the jury. Dwayne is elected as sheriff and he fires all the corrupt deputies. He stop Neal in his Porsche and smash his tail lights. He make Johnny his deputy as he know how the drug world operate. Soon they nail it to Kevin and they dismantle his truck to find drugs. Kevin is lock up and Dwayne ask Johnny to take care his family. He know the baddies will attack. Ashley go find him in the station. Next morning, different group attack the station and home. Michael shoot at Kevin as well. He tell Dwayne the drug operation is at the mill and he let Kevin out but he is shot dead immediately. Dwayne kills them all and Johnny isn't too bad himself. Dwayne fight Neal in the mill and is injured. He fight back and beat Neal. His casino is close down.