Three Seasons

Three Seasons

Three Seasons wants to show individuals triumphing over adversities, recovering from traumas, looking forward to better times, as well as nostalgia for those better days before American and French and other invasions, material and ideological. It is a poetic film that tries to paint a picture of the urban culture undergoing westernisation.

An American in Ho Chi Minh City looks for a daughter he fathered during the war. He meets Woody, a child who's a street vendor, and when Woody's case of wares disappears, he thinks the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant S (it) wrote: Okay, but not that engaging.A movie about dealing with tragedy...when you're the Queen of England. In the aftermath of Princess Diana being killed by the paparazzi in 1997, the Royal family reacts with stoicism. However, this gets read as indifference by the English population and public opinion soon turns against the Royal family (spurred on by the media, of course). Prime Minister Tony Blair, riding a massive wave of popularity, tries to help them with their PR problems...Interesting and novel in that it this movie gives a look into the private lives of monarchy during a time of grief and vulnerability. However, there is a large degree of detachment for the audience: we can't relate to them. Plus, much of the plot involves politics, PR and the politics of monarchy, and none of these are appealing subjects.Some of this distance is made up by great, convincing performances from Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth and Michael Sheen as Tony Blair. Mirren got a Best Actress Oscar for her performance.Overall, interesting and watchable, but not a must-see.

Rodney E (jp) wrote: A fantastic doc on a visionary artist that dabbles in a variety of mediums such as puppetry, animation, painting. I would love to see more footage from the puppet show that they did while doing the Playhouse.

John B (us) wrote: We never see Bettie as she narrates the story of her life but the images are everywhere and they endure. Hers is a fascinating story of fame away from the mainstream and the stories are tremendously engaging.

Lee H (ag) wrote: Solid if predictable with nice subtle performances from Walken and Pacino. Arkin steals the film from then both though!

CJ F (gb) wrote: A very good overview of the financial markets & its effect on world history from the 1700s to present. Ferguson does an excellent job of simplifying finance so that most any person can understand it. I would recommend this series to every one of my friends, including those with more advanced finance backgrounds. My only wish is that Ferguson would have covered the agrarian age and bartering system better so that people could understand why finance came about and where we might be headed to if, indeed, the world financial system collapses again.Be sure to get the full four hour series, not the two hour!

Artie P (ca) wrote: Interesting film, filled with frustrated and desperate female characters. Movie will work better as a stage production, i hope to see it someday. The aftertaste this pichture left in me is a light worry for my own future... scary! And Neve Canpbell is nude in it ... so enyone exited yet ? :)

Chris B (mx) wrote: The second outing for Craig's Bond and he seems to have settled well into the role. Unfortunately the film is nowhere near as good as Casino Royale but watched back to back with it makes a good companion piece. Bond's treatment of women in the film are a bit suspect compared to his portrayal in Casino Royale and the action set pieces aren't as good. The villain is also a bit dull but i liked the way he was more of a puppet master than Bond Villain with something wrong with him.

Sol C (nl) wrote: I was shocked with this film. From the trailer, I thought the film was gonna be stupid and boring. However, after watching the film, I was pleasantly surprised by it. I found it funny and entertaining. It reminded me of movies like License to Drive, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and Grosse Point Blank. I thought this was a better version of an homage to the 1980s than the movie, Hot Tub Time Machine. From the looks to the music, I loved hearing and seeing the 80s here.Topher Grace, Anna Faris, and Dan Fogler all shine here. Teresa Palmer is very good too. Michael Biehn steals all the scenes that he is in.I definitely recommend this movie.

MANISH Y (kr) wrote: one of few hindi movie that got a 5 star, a master piece from vidu vinod chopra, great movie, a must watch

Alan L (us) wrote: "AWUUUUU!!!"Up to this day,Thriller is still remain the best music video in my music video's section,the zombie's dance is the spot-lit.The video is a magnetic force and the music will echo in your brain.I have enough with those "Chicken-Breast" and "Water Melon" or "Barbie's legs" that often showing today,Yuck and even terrible songs.Jeez!

Brendan H (ru) wrote: This is my favorite movie, from witty lines to a magnificent soundtrack. The only glaring flaw it's repeated almost completely in Snatch another great Guy Riche film. I would suggest grabbing a coke and rum for this ride.

Adam D (br) wrote: a very good film noir movie i enjoy these movies.

Darron T (es) wrote: evey single scene is great, the acting is a beyond measure, they must off spent 400 on making it.... and that went on baby oil for the main star....THIS IS THE BEST FILM EVER MADE!!!