Three Seats for the 26th

Three Seats for the 26th

In a charming mixture of fantasy and reality, this film recalls the great musicals of Hollywood's Golden Age. Yves Montand, playing himself, returns to his hometown of Marseilles to appear in an autobiographical musical. Once there, he searches for the barmaid he once loved and also encounters young hopeful Marion, giving her the chance of a lifetime

A pseudo-documentary on the life of Yves Montand, who plays himself, in this tribute to his long career. During a musical tour, Montand returns to Marseille and revisits the many highlights... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arlene W (us) wrote: I watched this movie twice during a 15 hour plane ride from HK to NY and I loved it! It is a gem! Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung have great chemistry. Although it is a short movie, both characters really engage you about the nature of their relationship, and the synchronicity of events. I loved it!

King L (gb) wrote: This made made nostalgic for New York City because they filmed a lot of this in some of the neighborhoods I used to hang out in. Also the 1960s & 1970s were my formative years.

kerri f (es) wrote: it was pretty funny but wasn't that memorable.

Justin F (it) wrote: Amazing, awesome actiong, weird story but good nonetheless. I was very sad when the girl jumped.

Eric G (ca) wrote: En enkel historia med mngder av musik och nostalgi fr den som r bevandrad. Sjukt imponerad av huvudrollsinnehaverskans (kan man sga s?) skdespel, samt sjukt chockerad av mammans munlder. Kndes lite fr kort p ngot stt men helhetsintrycket r positivt.

Denise A (mx) wrote: It's a good movie. Bruce Willis is convincing!

Christopher L (br) wrote: "Hexed" is a mostly unsuccessful satire of late-'80s and early-'90s sex-thrillers, but it does have a few nice moments. Not enough by half, but I liked some of the gags. The problem is that there is no mystery to it. I would've liked to see a plot that mimicked the whodunits of "Basic Instinct" and "Jagged Edge" rather than a play on the we-know-she's-nuts-so-when's-the-big-showdown plot from "Fatal Attraction". The showdown is more of a letdown, unfortunately. "Hexed" is a so-so braindead time-killer, I suppose, but I'd skip it.

Tim W (it) wrote: Great action and stunts, funny, good story with characters we care about, and actual killing! Entertaining classic Jackie Chan.

Bill T (it) wrote: Well, I won't say it's the worst musical movie out there, (The Apple takes this honor by far), but still this is just one bizarre little number. Devoid of hardly any plot, The movie is about a painer following his dreams, an older musician following his dreams, and apparently they combine together to create the most garish roller disco (complete with trapeze artists) ever made. The music is not much, all the actors pretty much all shame themselves here, (Especially uou Gene Kelly... I'm shocked! and just sort of glides in by. Pretty goofy.Rewatch notes: oh man, this was such a chore to watch again. Just so bloody bad and pointless

Darrin C (gb) wrote: Very cool with an acceptable amount of action along with some humorous dialog! Fairly strong plot and Isaac Hayes is very comfortable in his role.

Trinity C (kr) wrote: *laughs*Killer caveman!

Matthew O (br) wrote: A true classic that raised awareness about the horrors of WWII shortly after WWII. One of John Wayne's forgotten, yet best roles.

Alfie D (kr) wrote: A great film for all the family but it seems far fetched and doesn't explain how Stuart and Snowbell can talk.