Three Suns

Three Suns

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John Eric D (it) wrote: overall this comedy film is not bad, i thought the script is good, funny in every aspect with a very good plot. However the problem starts when you think its kinda rushed up or maybe the camera angles are on a fast paced mode where there are a lot of things to be appreciated here. Its there but not yet.

patient x (gb) wrote: This was an okay movie. I liked the 'Isabelle' character.

Dan O (mx) wrote: The love story is engaging, but could have made me feel more.

Luke W (au) wrote: Silly, but nothing to sneeze at. Will Ferrell helps you get through this film.

James H (nl) wrote: I think the critics were a little harsh on this one. It's an amusing story. Peter Jacobson's Woody Allenisms get to a be a bit much and unoriginal. Some great one liners though, a pleasant score. I was always interested in the film, good character development. Not great, but well worth watching.

Frank T (fr) wrote: holy crap i forgot i saw this... yeah its alright

Jonathan C (it) wrote: Surprisingly good "Die Hard On A Plane" action flick. Helped immensely by the performances of Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman.

Jennifer K (mx) wrote: Great film, Jared Leto apart from his baaaad attempt at a Dublin accent!

Tim M (ca) wrote: An interesting look into the world of a friendly cougar. Charlie is a cute cat and his adventures are fun and enjoyable. It could easily have had extra footage but Disney keeps it at an easy viewing of 1 hr. 15 mins. Not only do you learn about cougars some but you also learn about the lumber industry so the film is both fun and informative. A nice little watch.

Navjeet S (jp) wrote: cant belive this classic was a flop whn it was realease !!!

Tom D (br) wrote: I would file this movie under a guilty pleasure. Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore have good chemistry together in the movie. The movie also has an interesting look at the fanatical sports fan. There are a couple of romantic film cliches but overall I would recommend this movie.

Alex M (gb) wrote: A gripping, intelligent and suspenseful thriller. Zodiac is one of the finest horror/mystery movies i've ever seen. All performances are excellent and David Fincher's near perfect directing is excellent. This is a must watch.