Three Violent People

Three Violent People

When Confederate officer Colt Saunders returns to his Texas ranch after the war he finds his lands wanted by carpetbaggers and by corrupt provisional government commissioners Harrison and Cable.

Former dance hall girl Lorna, masquerading as a lady, meets and marries Confederate ex-officer Colt Saunders, returning to his rich Texas ranch. Everyone there is enchanted with Lorna. But ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon T (us) wrote: Effective and chilling horror, very nicely performed by Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch as father and son morticians, who are tasked to perform an autopsy on a strangely unblemished young woman one dark and stormy night. All the action is confined to their underground morgue, resulting in a claustrophobic and at times unbearably tense shocker. Be warned: a lot of blood and gore.

Screen S (gb) wrote: A film that dares people to not judge a book (or in this case film) by its cover. Brilliant meta satire. Worth a watch many times.

Sean N (fr) wrote: I caught the full preview of this documentary in a Des Moines auditorium with several hundred people. It was re-energizing all over again, like going through the "hope" excitement during Iowa caucuses when it actually happened here. The first part of the film started in Iowa where momentum really took off for Obama. Amy Rice and Alicia Sams did a great job of following Obama around and capturing real-life behind-the-scenes moments that make him seem more real. They showed him as the calm during the storm of an election with all it's ugliness, followed him in his battles versus Clinton, and finally in his defeat of McCain. The best parts of the film were the laughs had from comments made by ordinary Iowans and volunteers helping with the cause. The little boy on the phone is the highlight. There were also parts of the film that brought tears to my eyes and everyone's around me, with seeing Barack deliver a heartfelt speech with tears of his own on the eve of his grandmother's death. And there were tears of joy in re-experiencing the joy of his triumphs along with the political volunteers on the screen who's lives were followed in the film and further drew me into their stories as well. Overall, I was kept surprisingly attached to the emotions of this documentary. It wasn't dry or factual, it was very human. And with renewed energy, I'm proud once again to be a participant in this period of American history with such an inspirational leader.

Cathleen D (mx) wrote: I love movies about male gigilos as much as the next person and can tolerate the worst of them, but this movie was a big let down. There was hardly any sex in it.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Worth watching want to see!

Scott C (kr) wrote: Totally forgettable.

Tony S (de) wrote: Love Story - good song !

Gordon B (fr) wrote: This a suave & satisfying French heist film. My favorite part is a completely silent scene that shows three robbers pulling off an intricate jewel heist

Ralph R (us) wrote: Obama, McCain, or Clinton are likely to be terrible presidents just like this film is probably going to be a piece of crap as well.

Janie P (it) wrote: great fun movie...makes me laugh everytime I see it. Thoroughly enjoyable

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