Three Way

Three Way

Lew is a small time loser with a troubled past and a very big secret. Overhearing a couple plan a kidnapping, Lew is tempted to come up with a scheme of his own. He decides to get to the victim first and then blackmail the real criminals. His plan soon spins out of control.

A sexy noir-thriller based on Gil Brewer's 1963 pulp novel Wild to Possess. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mallik A (ru) wrote: Strong star cast and Trivikram Srinivas's emotional touch with own style of dealing with Pawan Kalyan turned out to be a good film all together.

Brian C (gb) wrote: Kathleen Turner, Emily Deschanel, and Michael McGrady literally knocked me down with their performances in this, especially Kathleen's. Not what I was expecting.

cli o (br) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Andres G (us) wrote: Hurt and Costner performances are enjoyable and the idea of the movie is good but that's almost all that there is to see. Specially, Moore's story and character are quite expendable, not adding anything to the main story but noise.

Mahlon H (ag) wrote: terrible ending and confusing plot

Jesse F (ca) wrote: A surprising sequel that makes you feel good. A harmless and fun family film.

Chris H (mx) wrote: If cancer were pretentious is would be Garden State - Mr. Plinkett

John A (it) wrote: One of Jia's greatest strengths--his ability to draw upon his character's surroundings to offer insight into their psyches--is on display in full force here. Rubble and barren fields of rock contrast strongly with new construction and the busy streets of the city. The characters wander through all of these landscapes, striving for something but being turned back time and again. The last few minutes are beautifully bleak, while Jia's mise en scene and tight framing are consistently excellent.

John W (es) wrote: Bargain basement horror. The 80's turned out much better "B" scares than this mess. Wooden acting and terrible dialogue, the only saving grace are the semi-decent special effects and plenty of distracting T&A

Kevin S (ca) wrote: There is NOT ONE THING WRONG,and EVERYTHING RIGH with this movie. I've spent 35 years TIS so far, and I think this should be mandatory watching for everyone...

Tom D (it) wrote: A virtual who's who of early British cinema including Roland Young, George Sanders, Torin Thatcher & Ernst Thesinger. The plot is still very valid today even if the way of life is dated. The print I watched was very crackly, this movie needs the Critereon treatment. Dated but amusing

Maggie B (br) wrote: This film did not engage me initially. The introduction of some "eerie" music at odd times seemed almost too much. I think I would have preferred that it be left out altogether. Surprising turn of events. Did not like it as much as Short Cuts but found it interesting and thought-provoking.

Viktoria F (nl) wrote: It's an Asylum film. That is the first thing you need to know. It's pretty... no it's very bad. it's dull it's stupid. there are extra characters there who are just to be killed off later. It's mostly the group walking around in a blizzard. in the middle of Egypt. The grown ups are about as dumb as the story.All we know is some earth quake happened. opening up lava and boiling sea water that creates a massive low pressure that causes it to start snowing and if they don't get to the evacuation point by sundown they will freeze to death. Thats the whole story right there, there's no plot twist no end of the world no magic missile that can save us all, just get to the evac point before dark.Bad acting, bad writing, bad special effects, it's just a very long boring trek of a movie. Though the boy was by far my favorite part. He swore just as much as any adult and didn't hold back his opinion on the new guy added to the group when they got picked up. best line: Mom: How are we going to get the camels down there? Other person: Well we could cup them open and use them as warmth like they did in the empire strikes back.since when did asylum films reference star wars?

Amanda C (es) wrote: Absolutely loved this movie.

Eric M (jp) wrote: Kind of cool, but kind of a way that I couldn't stop watching. It's sort of like a less inspired version of Donnie Darko even though the stories are nothing alike.

Ross M (ru) wrote: A little melodramatic at times, and featuring a choice few clunkers for lines, Hannibal Rising still manages to add some additional menace and humanity to the Lecter we've come to enjoy.

Aaron M (ca) wrote: For a cheap stupid mindless action film, its not bad. The trick is knowing that before you go in to watch it.

Sherry R (nl) wrote: I'm a child of the hair band era so I loved it.