Three Wishes

Three Wishes

While Jane Holman (Mastrantonio) is driving with her two sons, she accidentally runs into a drifter, Jack McCloud (Swayze), who breaks his leg. Being responsible, Jane invites Jack, and his dog, to stay at her home until his leg has healed. Jack struggles to adapt their lifestyle, and finds himself loved by the family. He starts teaching baseball to Tom, who misses his father, who was lost in the Korean war. Jack and Tom develop a strong bond of friendship. Meanwhile, Gunny believes that there is more to Jack and Betty Jane than meets the eye... We learn that Jack, is Jack McCloud, a Star White Socks baseball player in 1941, who dropped out of the league, after his first season, and; "was never heard from again" ... A wonderful story. We witness magic between a boy's imagination, and Jack's dog, and are never sure if we are witnessing imagination or magic by the dog. A story of friendship, family, and learning that life isn't always as cut and dried as we often believe.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:115 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:widow,   coach,   magic,  

Jack McCloud meets with a car accident and his leg is broken by Jane Holman. So that he and his dog Betty Jane is invited to live in her house until his leg is healed. He must face the ups and downs in new life, but he can find himself loved by the entire family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessica F (it) wrote: This film takes me back to my angsty, defiant teenage years. Its a perfect portrait of the pain of adolescence. Its also a lot of fun. Realistically you can pick it apart if you want, but understanding that its a fun film, its silly and enjoyable and the stunts are cool enough to make you want to be a little bad ass. So if you have roughly 90 minutes and want an enjoyable film that isn't trying to win Academy Awards for substance, this is a perfectly good choice.

Tabatha T (ca) wrote: I need to get this I loved it

Steve M (br) wrote: While escorting an unwilling witness (Williams) to a mob trail, a fracteous group of Federal Marshals discover that mob hitmen and corrupt small-town cops are the least of their worries. While traveling along an isolated stretch of highway, the find themselves in a life-and-death struggle against the restless spirits of the chaingang that died while building it. "Route 666" is one of those horror films that's good for a bit of scary fun, so long as you don't think too hard about it. It's one of those movies that would come to screeching halt if the characters behaved intelligently, or even close to the level of professionalism that real US Marshals would exhibit. However, the actions of the characters are SO stupid that and the ludicrous behavior of the cops is so far fetched (two decide to make out in the armored car that's supposed to be carrying their witness, two others decide to beat the crap out of each other in the nearby hills, while their witness is handcuffed to a covertable where he is nearly killed by the ghosts and a mob hitman that's been trailing them) that viewers will be too busy snickering to notice the gaping holes in the plot. It truly is one of those movies that's so bad it's good. The movie also has the presence of Lori Petty going for it. She's an actress that I've always found appealing, and she tends to elevate everything she appears in. (She has a sort of unconventional tomboyish sort of beauty, and I can sit through just about anything that she has a major part in.) And then there's the quartet of ghosts who assume solid form by becoming creations of asphalt. They are very creepy, very violent killing machines. Oh, and star Lou Diamond Phillips does his usual excellent job at playing Lou Diamond Phillips. This is a film that shows up on cable television every so often, and it's worth catching when it does. It might also be worth a rental if you're looking for a film to round out a Bad Movie Nite. Route 666 Starring: Lou Diamond Phillips, Lori Singer, Steven Williams, Dale Midkiff, and L.Q. Jones Director: William Wesley

Jobin B (mx) wrote: 'A bugs life' is more entertaining

Ben C (br) wrote: The best of all the older Star Trek. I am torn between this and the JJ's one.

Andy V (kr) wrote: haha well it's completely stupid, but Bill Murray's hilarious, and I laughed a lot.

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William W (jp) wrote: I loved this suspense thriller, a fine pairing of Lauren Bacall, Bogie and Edward G. Robinson. Claire Trevor steals the show, and even wins an Oscar in such lofty company, as a gangster's moll who's been around the block a few times too many. One of John Huston's best--an early benchmark of excellence for his outstanding career. Essential viewing.

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