Through the Olive Trees

Through the Olive Trees

The movie focuses on one of the events in Zendegi Edame Darad (1992), and explores the relationship between the movie director, and the actors. The local actors play a couple who got married right after the earthquake. In reality, the actor is trying to persuade the actress that they should get married.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:Persian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,   love,   iran,  

The movie focuses on one of the events in Zendegi Edame Darad (1992), and explores the relationship between the movie director, and the actors. The local actors play a couple who got ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrs R (de) wrote: There's just one word to describe the art of this movie BEAUTIFUL, the main plot at first doesn't seem interesting but you'll loved once you understand it's message.

Rip V (br) wrote: It has an early Robert Pattinson that could not totally stripped of his Twilight character and a very cold Reese Witherspoon. The spotlights go to the compelling cinematography and another laudable performance by Christoph Waltz.

Faai I (nl) wrote: Great performances by all actors, a dark movie with portrays life on the rough side of the world, outside ones comfort zone and in desperate and urgent times. This is a good movie which leaves oneself with haunting thoughts and a chance to evaluate our own self. Only drawback was the slow pace of the film.

Lily S (it) wrote: I liked this movie:}

Narayanan I (kr) wrote: Dissapointing as hell...Expected much more from this after watching Walkure..

hindatu h (gb) wrote: If truely picking up kids is like this then i wld pik thousands of them

Brandon J (kr) wrote: Never before have I seen a film and "hated" its characters more than this movie. I suppose in that sense, the movie might be a success.

Jey A (it) wrote: It's not that hard... *shifty eyes*

Joel A (fr) wrote: This was a pleasant surprise indeed...quite a touching/deep Christmas film, I was genuinely surprised. All the acting is quite honest & believable, both Harry Dean Stanton as the Guiding Angel & Elisabeth Harnois delieverd a great performance for such a young age. This film although a Christmas film, touches on quite a few themes quite deep for a children's film. But I find this very refreshing since so many kid's films are just rubbish and pointless. Another interesting fact this film was completely shot in Canada and it had a very clear good message that will speak to both Adults & Children alike...a season classic ...

Jeremy P (us) wrote: I like Lo Lieh and he's usually a villain, but this villain was a bit underwhelming. And David Chiang... well, I can never fault the guy, he's got a smile that made him an A-lister in the Shaw Brothers era and I'm a big fan. But I've gotta be picky here and say I prefer seeing those two in a swordplay movie. However, this was still entertaining, mostly thanks to the dreamy Mr. Chiang, and there were even a couple plot surprises that I don't usually expect in these movies.

Carlos I (gb) wrote: An alright movie with a sad ending.

EpicLadySponge t (au) wrote: This movie is well... disastrous. Nothing else to say about it. Who thought this would be a good idea for a movie anyways? Obviously not me because I have better things to do anyways than watch this disaster movie.

Kevin M W (mx) wrote: Soooo very bad. No need to schedule an appointment for that lobotomy you've been dying for, because here's one provided.

Derek B (de) wrote: A great film; arguably Alec Baldwin's best minutes on screen.

Zack B (ru) wrote: Good western that seperates itself due to Paul Newman's fantastic performance. Great at giving social commentary on the treatment of Native Americans at a time where they were all portrayed as savages by Hollywood.

John G (fr) wrote: Allegorical film about the high cost of it features one of the greatest movie monsters since Alien, and done with NO digital effects.

Jason R (ag) wrote: The acting sucked. It tries really hard to be a pregnancy spoiler troll.