Through the Valley

Through the Valley

An innocent man framed for murder, and the system that just wants another minority conviction.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   american,   racism,  

An innocent man framed for murder, and the system that just wants another minority conviction. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos G (mx) wrote: This is one movie I'm dying to see very creepy..

Chiek E (mx) wrote: Not a bad job for Hoffman playing both director and actor in the movie. Realistic and harsh look at inexperienced people clawing for romance when time and looks are no longer on their side to be choosy. One can still get up every morning with hope if one has one good friend that would stand by you even if you trash his kitchen and you watch him being humiliated by his own wife. Is it only platonic friendship or more to it? One is left pondering with the final scene of the good friend watching forlornly as his best friend Hoffman walked away with his new found girlfriend. The girl whom he helped Hoffman wooed. Selfless love in the likes of Valjean.

Robert P (it) wrote: I brought this for 9.99 in HMV, then got it free with a magazine on the same day. I took my paid for copy back and I'm glad I did. I thought that as times have moved on quite some way since the first film then this might be quite good, but it isn't. the acting is just aweful (probably intentional as it's close to the piss poor acting of the first film), but it just sopils the film for me. It's far too much like an old school film too. That's a good thing in many ways, but people don't buy into stupid people as easily as we used to (stepping over a dead body and not noticing it was there is stepping into Nakid Gun teritory and that's just silly)The effects are poor (one or two are ok though), the acting is so below par it's out of sight and the plot sucks.I'd like to add that I was looking forward to this film too and nearly improted a copy when it was first released...

Michael W (ag) wrote: Apartment manager takes in a tenant to his own unit with dark mercernary ties to a corrupt Argentinian regime. After a slow start, this one recovers to some degree. Not sure if the leads are supposed to be gay but there is an unmistakable amount of sexual tension between them.

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Taylor M (jp) wrote: Allow me to be a detractor for a minute and say that My Neighbor Totoro wasn't as great as everyone led me to believe.Let's not mince words, here, but the movie certainly is acceptable, if not adorable. The characters are likeable, the animation is decent, and there it quite some sentiment going on. However, I would like to see more "plot" in the film. In other words, there were some things that dragged on quite a bit and the elements seem too character-focused for my taste. The safest think I can say about this movie is that it isn't "my cup of tea", but if a simple and character-center plot sounds like your thing, then, by all means, go for it.

Evan H (nl) wrote: Such a tragic, yet very realistic look into the world of Apu's family and his walk into the academic world!

Jenn T (br) wrote: Retro horror film is very appropriate.

Josipa (gb) wrote: I wanted to see more of Colombus Short..