Throw of the Dice

Throw of the Dice

Two neighboring kings addicted to gambling, kind Ranjit and his wicked cousin Sohan, vie for the same beautiful woman, Sunita. Ranjit loses his kingdom and his love and becomes Sohan's slave through a crooked game of dice.

Two rival kings addicted to gambling, Ranjit (Roy) and the evil Sohan (Rai), also vie for the same woman, Sunita (Seeta Devi), Kanwa the hermit's (Gupta) daughter. Ranjit loses his kingdom ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Throw of the Dice torrent reviews

Taylor W (br) wrote: I thought it was gonna be bad and I was right

Peter C (jp) wrote: This was bad. I saw it because I was reviewing films for a clubhouse in Hyannis. I wanted to gouge my eyes out of their sockets.


Noname (kr) wrote: Not one of N. Cage better flicks but enjoyable enough i thought. The whole movie takes place in a casino where a murder conspiracy happens during a boxing match.. a decent plot aswell as the acting. Could have been more thriller and exciting but its worth seeing in the end.

Derek B (ag) wrote: Some good moments, and Maggie Cheung is wonderful, but as a metafilm it's really quite weak.

Lisa Michelle A (us) wrote: A semi-decent film, terrible in places. I only saw it for Alyssa Milano. I would only ever watch this the once.

King Rock (mx) wrote: i saw it about 15 year ago and i like to see it agin

Eduardo C (ru) wrote: P.P.P's other P.P film ! Translation: Pier Paolo Pasolini's other pimp/prostitute film. The other is the masterpiece Accattone. This one is even greater. It will floor you. It will devastate you. If tragedy is your forte, your metier, this is a MUST SEE. Gets a 100% rating at Rotten Tomatoes.

Sanity Assassin (us) wrote: an old english film with doris day acting her lil' heart away and a final monsterous twist at the end

robert b (br) wrote: what in the fuck....

Martijn W (mx) wrote: Believe it or not Russell Crowe plays gay... Light footed no deep meaning at all but an absolutely must see movie about unconditional love....