Thunder Road

Thunder Road

A father comes home to Tennessee from the "police action" in Korea to take over operation of the family moonshine making operation, but runs afoul of some gangsters who want in on the action.

A veteran comes home from the Korean War to the mountains and takes over the family moonshining business. He has to battle big-city gangsters who are trying to take over the business and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill D (fr) wrote: "The Last Days on Mars" is a gritty sic-fi horror film with a touch of zombie thrown in for good measure.

Eliabeth R (au) wrote: A drawn out disaster of a film. Don't waste your time.

Micah B (kr) wrote: I'm sure no one will waste their time with this movie. I assume the name was inspired by someone within the Jewish culture, if not, we'll have to endure the media getting away with some pretty disgusting movies.

Tom M (gb) wrote: There is a few laughs to be had in Dinner for Schmucks but it mostly disappoints from its premise to its two lead actors.

Doctor S (kr) wrote: More outrageous adrenalized action sitting shotgun alongside professional driver Frank (Jason Statham). Without a doubt, features the most ludicrous method imaginable to remove a carbomb from the undercarriage! But it's all absurd anyway, the fun lies in the stylized way Louis Letterier choreographs the many fights and stunts, owing much to the environmental fighting techniques of Jackie Chan. Lanky rail-thin model Kate Nauta leaves an impression as evil henchman Lola who, in case you were unsure of the target market, performs all her scenes in skimpy lingerie. And there are some choice bad-movie moments like Amber Valletta's berserk outrage at the inefficiency of a bomb squad to cringe at for good measure. If you liked the first, you'll like this one too, maybe even slightly more. French actor Franois Berland has a better time here, even if inexplicably shoehorned into the story to give Frank some intel. All part of the nonsensical Transporter M.O.!

Justin G (ca) wrote: A vivid tale about 16 y.o. girl, forced to enter adult life.

Janet Zahra W (it) wrote: For all Pooh fans :)

Josh P (us) wrote: Love this movie. Hurry and bring on a sequel.

Trevor H (au) wrote: As an artist I must reject your rules.

Kevin B (it) wrote: I'd like to rate this higher, as I really like the idea of an elite commando unit of presumed dead soldiers robbing a bank for the government (lead by Michael Ironside and including William Forsythe, Clancy Brown, and other fun character actors), and it had its moments, but this homage to (among other things) The Wild Bunch fell flat for me. The two leads had no energy between them, and Nolte in particular seemed to be phoning it in (or just misfired as the laconic cowboy type). It also could have used more of Rip Torn, but that's true of any movie.

Private U (de) wrote: Frankenstein grows large and fights Baragon. Of course!

Michelle T (nl) wrote: Excellent show! I always loved Doris Day, but I was surprised by how much I loved James Garner! What a wonderful actor he is. (He was quite the hottie back then too).

Julie C (ag) wrote: Very cute, kind of like What Women Want.

Jessica R (ag) wrote: God I love Bette Davis. i laughed so hard some times and on top of that I cried cause it was so sincere...miss the good ol days of film

Kyle B (br) wrote: One of the great westerns. A mature, dark film that shares several thematic elements with Unforgiven. A must see.

Morris N (fr) wrote: I like Westerns. It's not a great Western, but it's fun, and I'll watch it if it comes on TV and enjoy it. Unusual story which some will think moves too slowly.

jim l (au) wrote: good movie.based on real characters

Charlie G (ru) wrote: They have some pretty good actors for what seems like a low budget film. This is another one of those classic icons.