After a near death experience, five Boys, all devoted AC/DC fans, make a pact to bury their best friend next to the grave of Bon Scott. 12 years later, having gone their different ways, they come together to fulfill the promise.

After a near death experience, five Boys, all devoted AC/DC fans, make a pact to bury their best friend next to the grave of Bon Scott. 12 years later, having gone their different ways, they come together to fulfill the promise. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Thunderstruck torrent reviews

Koldo E (it) wrote: It is a well-made documentary that tells an interesting story, but I feel like it is missing depth in its analysis of the actual experiment.

Samuel B (ca) wrote: robert is pretty good in this movie.

Mitesh K (us) wrote: Surprisingly good, easy watching and just what I needed

Sieraaj A (kr) wrote: Important film that pushes the audience (particularly Muslim audience) to ask questions and challenge long-held beliefs.

Mike M (ca) wrote: Laughed a couple times, everything is just too over the top and was trying way too hard. The nudity wasn't enough to make it an even average film.

Ina P (ru) wrote: Highly recommendable movie! Based on real events, the story itself was great. To me the movie isn't about the war and politic, but more about journalism itself. Really captures the reporting process of the Gulf War by the CNN crew who stayed behind in Baghdad during the bombing. Watching the movie, you feel like you just wanna be there.. capture the moment!! Gotta read the novel though.

Brett D (es) wrote: Entertaining and moving; a kaleidoscope of comedy, pathos and violence.

Mark K (jp) wrote: i cracked up every five seconds. great film

Christie P (ag) wrote: A classic from my preteen years. I still know all the words to the songs even watching it years later ;)

Marrick A (gb) wrote: Why haven't you seen this movie yet?

Lisa S (gb) wrote: the story about the prostitute and the priest was the best part of the movie. woody allen is just boring and kiefer sutherland and cheech marin dont do anything. none of the people make any sense! its soooo not deep! the prostitute and priest are the only thing that make this movie worth watching!

Alec B (de) wrote: Parker gives the film a sense of epic scope that's rare for a modern musical, complete with large sets and thousands of extras. With the exception of Madonna's lackluster performance and singing, this is probably the best adaption of the stage musical we are likely to get . . . it's also one of the best live action film musicals of the last twenty years.

Dave J (au) wrote: Thursday, March 17, 2011(1988) Rain ManDRAMA Huge fortune left to autistic brother (Dustin Hoffman) with a gift, leaving Tom Cruise to always look after him! Winner of four Oscars including Best Picture, Best Director for Barry Levinson and Best Actor for Dustin Hoffman and Best Original Screenplay! Quite enjoyed this film a lot during it's time, but Tom Cruise has been doing these yuppie clean cut roles a little too much such as Jerry McGuire and the disasterous Cocktail!3 out of 4

Brandon T (it) wrote: one of the best films of all time, comical. but terrifying at the same time

Jenna I (ru) wrote: Paddy Chayefsky always writes movies that were twenty+ years ahead of their time. Some of it has aged differently than I think Chayefsky intended... 'pushy career women' certainly are no longer inherently negative, but her hollow obsession with getting ahead and lack of anything else rings true for both men and women. While there's some dated portrayal of black radicals, but the idea that radicals can be bought just as easily as businessmen certainly rings true. Great lines, well thought-out dialogue, across the board great acting and some biting satire really make this movie withstand the tests of time. Also the fact that the film's prophecy came truer than I'm sure even it realized.

James H (it) wrote: An okay film but slightly dull. Didn't really like the ending. Gets better if you analyse it, because it's actually dealing (much in the same way as Bergman's The Silence) with the two sides of femininity.

Gregory W (nl) wrote: funny stuuf great supporting caste

Praveen Kumar T (ag) wrote: Fresh and brisk presentation of love drama mixed with art-house.

Curtis H (gb) wrote: A fun, wartime Holmes mystery. Rathbone brings back his wonderful Holmes portrayal, and Lionel Atwill is very good as Moriarti, and the mystery is nothing more or less than a good time. Props to Rathbone for a stirring speach at the end.

Isabelle S (kr) wrote: Je ne peux pas mettre plus car ces guerres de religion qui font encore rage malheureusement aujourd' hui m' enrage au plus au point. Nous devrions tous tre capable de vivre ensemble malgr nos diffrences. Pourquoi toujours vouloir avoir le dessus sur les autres. Avidit? Btise humaine?