Thursday Till Sunday

Thursday Till Sunday

As she and her family embark on a short vacation, a Chilean teenager slowly comes to the realization that her parents might be splitting up.

Two children travel with their parents from Santiago Chile to the north of Chile for a family holiday. The landscape's loneliness and the car's confinement help bring out the couple's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicholas P (fr) wrote: "Io sono la realt, voi la fiction" Purtroppo vero e questo impedisce di goderlo a fondo. Sarebbe stato da 4 stelle anche solo cinque anni fa.

Richard D (jp) wrote: A three part horror anthology loosely structured around sex as a recurring theme. An affluent couple trick a homeless woman into coming home with them only to discover she isn't what they think she is. A woman takes an experimental drug to help kick her addictions which has strange and disturbing side effects. A put upon boyfriend takes revenge against his tormentor. Not an awful film, but none of the segments really work. The first is a decent idea poorly executed. The middle one is so weird and needlessly complicated that it just falls flat. The third one is actually awful.

scott g (gb) wrote: At its core a film about forbidden love, a young peasent women who is on her way to marrying the king of koreas son, in order to strenthen the royal family. and a young man who at the start saves her life, and cant let his feelings go for her, he makes his way to the palace where through courage and honour, becomes a guard, through this war with japan and corruption within looming, it all comes together greatly, some nice touches in the cfighting scenes, but the film never forgets why its here. the story of the two. a well made film

Kevin R (jp) wrote: Ana's life is depicted in three phrases. She is initially depicted as an adolescent whose father passes away and she is not highly regarded by those raising her. She is then depicted as a young woman gaining confidence in her sexuality. Her final depiction is in an act of violence that leads to her ultimate demise. Helene Cattet and Bruna Farzani, directors of the upcoming ABCs of Death, collaborate to deliver Amer. The storyline for this film is interesting and well paced. I was also impressed by the limited use of dialogue and focus on colors, imagery, and cinematography to deliver the storyline. The acting was also solid and the cast includes Cassandra Foret, Marie Bos, Bianca Maria D'Amato, and Charlotte Eugene Guibeaud. Amer is a film that was recently brought to my house by a friend in town. This was a unique coming of age film that explores abuse, sexuality, and retribution. This is definitely not a perfect film, but it is very unique and an interesting take on the genre. I recommend seeing this film if you are a fan of the genre. Grade: B-

Bernie K (ag) wrote: Weird and wonderful.

Kathy D (kr) wrote: Great Christian movie about faith and the power of God.

Paul D (us) wrote: Unjustifiably long, but otherwise a fine documentary on the life and career of Bob Marley.

Aram A (ru) wrote: Like a half dozen fascinating short films that tell a life story, from end to beginning.

TheMumblelover (gb) wrote: Its a non Van Damme martial arts action scenes. The script, story and acting are dodgy but the battle scenes are film competently and are pretty impressive, an early attempt for Van Damme to try the acting but early stages shows no promise. JCVD still is best one in the acting stakes.

Brett C (gb) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:I was certainly not prepared for what Kevin Smith had to offer for Chasing Amy. I came into this film only with my preconceived feelings towards the director, Kevin Smith, from the previous films that I have seen from him; Mallrats, Jersey Girl and Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I knew very little of the plot before coming into this as I had almost complete trust in Kevin Smith and I had this idea that all of his films aside from Jersey Girl, carry the same tone and humour. It was abundantly clear right when the film's complication hits, that Chasing Amy was going to be different.I believe, at least from what I have seen that Chasing Amy is Smith's most socially thought provoking but also his most endearing film. I have seen his work on Jersey Girl, and though that film does provide more sentimentality, I never felt it was his most endearing. Chasing Amy earns it through its unadulterated and justified emotions. Characters in this film make decisions that would seem to far-fetched, but since Smith allows these individuals to actually contemplate on their decision, pitting side by side logic and instinct, the audience is never felt cheated or manipulated. Chasing Amy is a simple enough film that it is easy to pick up on the larger themes that Smith was trying to explore, while also following the complex emotions that Smith draws up on its romance. The film eventually reaches to a conclusion that I personally felt was appropriate to the characters, leaving me with a melancholy feeling that may completely change subsequent experiences with the film.When coming into a Kevin Smith film, it is justified, given the nature of his stories and his relaxed satirical direction, for me to not expect anything outstanding from the performance of his cast. Chasing Amy was a powerhouse of a film in regards to its acting; Joey Lauren Adams killed it as Alyssa Jones. Adams plays this role that is conflicted with experiences of her past and shaped by a world that is different from Ben Affleck's character, Holden McNeill, while still coming out of it as the sympathetic character, even though it is Holden that the film primarily follows. Though Ben Affleck gave a strong performance in this film, he was always overshadowed by the intensity of Adams' delivery and I feel bad that she did not gain the accolades that the performance clearly deserved. Hopefully as the audience for this film grows, so will her praise. Do I really need to talk about the rest of the cast?Chasing Amy effectively delivers through an emotionally layered and impacting performance by Joey Lauren Adams, and Kevin Smith's authentic view on the social ideas behind love, sexuality and genders. This is by far, Kevin Smith's best work; though I am hopeful for Clerks, I doubt it could surpass the ambition and impact that this Chasing Amy was able to supply.

Niek S (us) wrote: It's a weird film, this one is. A cheap ET rip-off with the most obtrusive unashamed product placement in film history.

Anne B (nl) wrote: This movie is a cross-over love story and eceonomic thriller. For those interesed on the love story angle, don't bother. For those intersted in seeing how quickly a global economy can be turned over by one small group of people - this one is a thrill! The movie feels very "real", especially in present times - though the movie was made in 1984. With a dramatic twist, the film allows a realistic peel behind the scenes of the banksters life. For those interested in money and and how quickly our workd could go down in flames, I highly recommend this one!

nick d (ag) wrote: A pretty good Christmas movie- with some charm missing in some spots, but overall this film is a great one. :)

Felipe L (br) wrote: esta bastante genial pero sinceramente no creo que quede bien que se enfoquen tanto en los humanos que en los mounstruos y sinceramente hay bastante cosas decepcionantes como que la mayoria de los mounstruos solo hacen un cameo rapido si esta hubiese sido la ultima de godzilla como se predecia estaria algo satisfecho