Thy Womb

Thy Womb

A Bajau midwife copes with the irony of her own infertility amid the deprivations of her gypsy community in Tawi-Tawi. A saga of island life stuck between the devil of passion and the deep blue sea of tradition.

An infertile midwife and her husband find a surrogate mother so that they can have a child. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claudette A (fr) wrote: Wow, just how vulnerable people can be with Facebook. This is any eye opener for any young person and anyone seeking a relationship with someone on Facebook (that they haven't met). This is also a great wake up calls to parents to monitor their children's activity on Facebook and protect them from any possible pedophila. I was impressed by Nev Schulman's sensitive handle on the situation. As most people would be screaming blue murder.

Cherie M (ca) wrote: If it doesn't cost anything and nothing else is on, ok

Rod G (kr) wrote: Sin parecerse en nada a la caricatura original, "Underdog" es uno ms en la lista de superhroes tomados por Disney solo para ganar dinero y tirarlo a la basura.

Jennifer J (es) wrote: Huppert is completely fearless in this film. It is extremely provocative and it drags you in. French film loves to flirt with incest. This isn't for everyone, but if you love Huppert, you will want to see it.

minence G (ag) wrote: Nazalost, i ja san pogledala Departed prije...

Syed S (us) wrote: pretty lame attempt, another non sense comedy

Martin T (mx) wrote: Ju-Dou is another perfectly watchable Zhang Yimou film, but not one of his best. The most interesting part was the architecture of the dyeing house and how it pertained to the story: separating the characters from each other, providing hiding places and spying venues, and playing a key role in murder and attempted murder. The story itself wasn't that compelling and it developed predictably according to a fairly standard melodrama formula. The cinematography appeared to be stunning, but it's hard to say because the DVD looked like ass.

Brett B (gb) wrote: BAD DREAMS manages to be simultaneously a by-the-numbers and an idiosyncratic late 1980s horror tale. On paper, it feels like it must have been heavily inspired by certain elements of the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET franchise: a traumatized heroine, a horribly burned villain, and explorations of various dream states and hallucinations; beyond that, though, it puts its own spin on the concepts, and the basic hook - involving the lone survivor of a cult mass suicide - is kind of an intriguing one. It also does some interesting things, visually, in its presentation of dreams, memories, and hallucinations. That said, the actual progression of the narrative, at least for the first two-thirds, is very standard and (strangely) sluggishly paced. The third act, however, does pick up the pace, and contains one delightfully bonkers fake-out sequence (it also has one of the more hilariously inappropriate - or intentionally ironic, if you're being charitable - cuts to credits that I've ever seen in a horror film). Richard Lynch makes for a totally convincing wacko, and he's the beneficiary of some really cool makeup effects at times. All things told, BAD DREAMS is nothing exceptional, but it's an inoffensive genre effort.

Brody M (fr) wrote: 80s comedies were the best!!!

Tim B (ru) wrote: Leave your brain at home - plain, stupid fun.

Eliot N (nl) wrote: Again, I loved it as a young teen... but in my defense, I liked O*Town then too. Not a good sign. Anyway, I recall not liking this film as much as its prequel because John Denver wasn't in it; I paid no mind to George Burns because I thought his voice was annoying.Six years later, I don't really want to go back and re-view the movie because it will probably live up to my expectations: that it's sentimental over-religious tripe.

Jarett B (kr) wrote: DId Brando just get a British accent?? Seriously, at times you'd swear that Harris is Brando, especially when he loses his cool--which is pretty much 75% of the film (not a bad thing by far!). It very much reminded me of 'Streetcar' with rugby; there is a Tennessee Williams feel to the relationship between Harris and Mrs. Hammond, ranging from sweet encounters to brutal, physical situations. Harris is very much a Raging Bull both on and off the field. I feel that a lot of Harris' screen power/presence really is due to Anderson's framing and the black and white cinematography; as there are times when a simple cut or change of angle turns Harris from man to menace. Complaints?? Well, it's certainly not my favorite sports film, as Ranging Bull will never be dethroned; so, after saying that, it's a good watch--seeming a little drawn out at times--with moments such as the 'hospital room' scene that push the overall product far, far above average. Actually, I think the film gets much stronger in the last half-hour (almost irresistible), warranting a define second viewing.

Caitlin L (fr) wrote: Amazing movie. Such a classic.

Fred O (au) wrote: Hands down one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Like they wrote a comedy and then decided that it should have been a drama all along. Changed direction and really caused me to get up and leave the theater. Good but completely miss-cast cast.