Ti ekanes ston polemo Thanasi

Ti ekanes ston polemo Thanasi

A wild tale of mistaken identity set during the Nazi occupation of Greece and starring the great Thanasis Vengos. Thanasis is called upon, during the Occupation, to testify at the trial of ...

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Ti ekanes ston polemo Thanasi torrent reviews

brett l (gb) wrote: Hasn't gotten old yet...

Junior N (us) wrote: Dumbest movie ever made by Keanu Reeves

Loren R (it) wrote: Bei diesem Film merkt man schon das Quentin Tarantino und Eli Roth involviert sind!Denn das Wunschprojekt von RZA, wo er auch selber noch Hauptdarsteller ist, ist gespickt mit dem gleichen Stil vom Tarantino.Eigentlich ein Kill Bill, nur mit einem mnnlichen Rcher besetzt.An und fr sich ist die Geschichte nicht bel: Gute Gags, blutige Kmpfe (die natrlich wieder vllig bertrieben sind), Schnelle Schnitte und Hip Hop Musik. Leider verspricht der Film auch nichts Neues. Die Story bringt eigentlich auch nur das, dass was schon frher im Fernseher gekommen ist. Der Film ist mehr oder weniger nur gut, wegen den Schauspieler. Sonst htte ich den Film gar nicht beachtet.Fazit: Gute Darsteller, die sich in einer sinnlosen Geschichte, gegeneinander die Kpfe einschlagen!

Paul G (br) wrote: Sums up his amazing book very well. Brilliant man, some truly frightening stuff, really marries the words 'delusion' and 'God' together for many of these people. Reinforces how I feel about private schools as well. Would love more people seeing this. It's half as good as the book but gets the main points across for those people who "don't read"...

hunter i (de) wrote: It looked pretty scary, when I saw it. It was also kind of frightning.

Jordan J (br) wrote: This was just bad. The graphics were horrible and this movie was just trying to copy titanic. I know the britannic was real and it's cool that it gets its own movie but, this is not the movie it deserves.

Anders A (de) wrote: A salute to the wrecking horror of Grindhouse. Somewhat unorthodox in the vein of Taratino, though its suppose to be and it is different to some extent. The dialogue bit works fine, the acting is fine, though the story itself is rather hollow and not all-in-all well glued.

David B (ag) wrote: Great British film that has a lot to say about how the work environment used to work in this country. It's hard to pigeon-hole this film because it covers drama and there is comedy. In fact all the stars are comedians in their own right.Sellers, Handl and Carmichael are in good form but smaller parts are handled excellently and all in all one of the best British films of the late 50's IMHO.

Robert C (mx) wrote: Mean Girls is smart, well-acted, and funny, all without relying on crude humor or pop culture references.