Ti stimo fratello

Ti stimo fratello

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Michael H (ca) wrote: The movie does not live up to Julieta Zylberberg's entrancing performance. It's not a bad movie, really, it just keeps steering away from any direction that might offer genuine surprises.

roger t (gb) wrote: interesting documentary on the demise and resurrection of the professional bowlers tour.....

Mika S (kr) wrote: it's a korean movie na pinakafave koh... kakakilig hehe

Gareth M (de) wrote: When a movie is bad some reviews open with 'I don't know where to start..' But I, on the other hand, know exactly where to start! This movie is shot on digital video, very badly. This means it looks absolutely horrible and has no film like quality. It looks like a high school movie project made by a bunch of 16 year olds. Everything else is just as bad (acting, story etc) but the one thing that stands out is how little dialogue there is. The script would've been 2 pages long and the actors must've been paid per word because hardly any characters talk! There are dreadfully long moments of supposed suspense and the scenes drag on for so long all you can think about is why the hell nobody ever talks! Granted, when they do talk it makes you wish for the return of silence. The funniest and worst aspect though, is the appearance of Debbie Rochon, a very popular b-movie horror actress (and actually far better than the material suggests) who doesn't utter one solitary word! I've seen hundreds of horror movies and this one ranks right near the bottom. Ok ok, the last few frames provided me with a small dose of enjoyment.

Christopher B (it) wrote: Great conclusion to an amazing trilogy. A sci-fi take on the DOA theme, with the roles from the original reversed, but the characters morals somewhat stay the same. Just thinking about this film makes me want to watch it again.

Matt C (au) wrote: I'm a big fan of this film, to make such an intelligent POW film dealing with intricate issues of morals and culture but at the same time lace in a homo-erotic subtext is no mean feat. I mean don't get me wrong it's also all a little bonkers, but when you've got Beat Takeshi and David Bowie sharing the screen I'm pretty much willing to forgive anything. Awesome 80s soundtrack as well, if you haven't watched this film yet then why not?

Karsh D (mx) wrote: Karloff in top form as he plays a surgeon who gets addicted to strong pain relief in his search to make operations a painless experience

Simon D (nl) wrote: Just a load of tap dancing and poor quality comedy. I get that musicals were much loved back then but they aren't so much now, at least not by me.

Corey C (kr) wrote: Soderbergh's least successful film, in which very little works. At all. On top of that, what a CHORE to sit through... what an absolute bore...

Kevin C (de) wrote: Very good in depicting the joy of discovering music and clubbing. Unfortunately the wider story is appalling and wouldn't get onto CBBC.