Tian cai yu bai chi

Tian cai yu bai chi

Ah Tim (Michael Hui) is a handy man and Li (Samuel Hui) is a nurse in the Hang Seng Sanitarium. Together thez engage in dubious plots and exploits.

Ah Tim (Michael Hui) is a handy man and Li (Samuel Hui) is a nurse in the Hang Seng Sanitarium. Together thez engage in dubious plots and exploits. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heith P (jp) wrote: Awesome documentary about one of the best drummers ever known.

Jermaine P (gb) wrote: They went away from the raw, authentic no wires action filled movie of the first film to some CGI filled, ridiculously unrealistic, cheesy horrible sequel. It reminded me of a 80s B movie.. It had its moments but overall I was disappointed they didn't stick to the format of the first one...Keep it Simple..

Dalton H (br) wrote: While there is an admirable kitsch factor ingrained into the films fabric, Hisss' fails to achieve B-Movie highs.

Gregory W (au) wrote: well done heist/crime caper movie with a heart of gold.

Brett C (it) wrote: Holy fuck this movie was awesome. Tsukamoto strikes again, and manages to strike a balance between being accessible and being snake-fuckingly mad. Brilliant soundtrack, too.

Rajiev S (nl) wrote: After Hotel Rwanda, i think this is the next movie which has touched me heart for the native victims...God Bless the souls of hutus and Tutsis killed during this civil war...

Sean W (au) wrote: Fantastic adaption of the Asterix comics from France. Possibly the best one ever and certainly one with the highest production values (animation wise). Great mainstream appeal and Paul Giamatti does a wonderful turn as the titular title character and Sean Astin is great as the newcomer JustForKix. I wish they would release more cartoony 2d animated movies like this in theaters (in mainstream terms for the kiddies). Adults can enjoy this one as well for some of the witty sight gags and drawings.I saw this via HD DVD (which is region free) and anybody can pick up a player for under 59 bucks and see this one, unless they want the domestic US release (which is probably never).

Chris S (it) wrote: The Conclusion to Paul Shrader's Urban Alienation trilogy. Another amusing, street-wise thriller featuring another enjoyable performance by the always delightful Willem Dafoe.

Niklas S (mx) wrote: I can't decide if I like it or love it. I'll settle with like for now and have a rewatch later.

Phillip D (ru) wrote: Fun at times, but meh.

Darlene K (ru) wrote: What I like about Hairspray is that the songs make you want to jump up and dance. Hairpsray also teaches us about integration between blacks and whites.