Tian ruo you qing 2 zhi Tian chang di jiu

Tian ruo you qing 2 zhi Tian chang di jiu

A street racer encounters a mainland courtesan under an extraordinary circumstances. A moment of Romance between them follows after. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Miguel Angel L (mx) wrote: En que carajos pensaban que sera una buena idea hacer una pelcula donde recurra al uso de: humor adulto, blasfemia (groserias), contenido sexual, alcoholismo y uso de drogas... en una produccin de NICKELODEON??!!

Danielle K (ag) wrote: All though this film, I felt that it kept graduating into deep dark subject matter that it hadn't earned the degree for.

Love M (au) wrote: A lazy, modernized thriller that never fully engages the audience.24/03/2014

jessy j (ru) wrote: if you watched the tv show you will love the movie its awesome

Jon A (gb) wrote: A little too similar to Rising Sun but nicely paced and with good performances throughout.

Charlie G (jp) wrote: Aside from over dramatics I liked this one

Rodney E (it) wrote: Carnival of Blood is an anomaly. It is really bad but is a good example of drive-in B movie cheese. Burt Young plays a dim witted hunchback that helps run a balloon popping stand. A maniac kills people and that is really it. I'm a fan of carnivals and there are some cool shots of inside the fun house and the area of the carnival itself. It looks like the production didn't let a lot of attendees of Coney Island know that they were making a movie because a lot of people look into the camera. The obnoxious old lady with the camera was strange. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone but would bring it over to watch with friends.

Owen J (ca) wrote: Some of it was good. Most of it seemed like it was dragging.

Addie A (us) wrote: Love the story. A little eerie, but still.. I like the beginning, the middle, and the ending.

Sid B (us) wrote: Shit. But you know, Lance Henriksen as the Toad King or whatever.

Josh H (fr) wrote: 31 Days of Horror 2016 #17