Tian yun shan chuan qi

Tian yun shan chuan qi


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Brendan N (gb) wrote: The film isn't perfect and some of the supporting cast let the film drag at times. The court room snippets didn't work and often left little to the overall film, that battle deserves a film on its own merits. I can't see why this was released in summer, the film died horribly when other films successfully limped along. The strong areas work so well and the aftermath of the battle for Jones is heartbreaking. There is a great film here but its smothered by unneeded influence by the director Ross. This deserves an audience.

Paul D (kr) wrote: Far-fetched story, but some of the action scenes would be worthy of big-budget sequences.

Nate B (de) wrote: I loved it! It just shows how America really owed him that presidency

Mark C (jp) wrote: I really liked this one!! It is a hidden gem!!From press packet: Based on the critically acclaimed novel by the late Stuart Browne, Dangerous Parking tells the story of Noah Arkwright, a cult director in the indie film world, whose life is on a crash course, with Noah steering himself towards his own destruction. Noah's life is one of success -and excess. Everything - drink, drugs, girls, fame - that Noah can get his hands on he wolfs down with an insatiable hunger. But he is running towards a brick wall - alcoholism and drug addiction have him firmly in their grasp - and Noah has no interest in acknowledging either until Kirstin, a young alcoholic who has 'seen the light', manages to convince Noah that he is heading for destruction and sets him on the path to reclaim himself. With the help of his best friend Ray, Noah attempts to right his ship -and when fate sends him a guardian angel in the shape of cellist Clare Mathesson, Noah tries even harder to shift his focus from self abuse to self preservation and onto the road to selflessness...Written, Directed by and Staring: Peter Howitt (Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow) Winner of Best Director Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival."Even the fast lane comes to an end"Synopsis from web site: Noah Arkwright is a man on the edge: For years lauded as the best thing about the British Film Industry, success has not been the only thing that has gone to his head. When Noah makes a drunken pass at Kirsten one day, he finds himself forced to face up to his demons and admit that either he kicks the booze, or faces death. Though a tough course to navigate, rehab propels Noah into an encounter with his guardian angel Clare, the woman who might just be able to save him.But just when it seems he might be happy, fate deals Noah the cruelest of blows?"British Film making at it's best"MSN Movies said Dangerous Parking is by no means an easy viewing experience, but those who accept the challenge will be rewarded with one of the most moving films this year.

Zehra P (fr) wrote: Quite slow to get started but intriguing. I found it quite hard to give this film a genre as it cover's both romance and crime/thriller. You journey through this film through the eyes of Carla (who is deaf) & how she struggles with her deafness until she takes on Paul. Brilliant how they use each other to commit a perfect crime & fall in love with each other to top it off. Not one of Cassel's finest performance but worth a watch for you French Film lovers.

Marijon B (ag) wrote: An underrated film in which a man investigating the disappearance of a porn actress confronts the mystery of evil in the underworld, in those responsible for the actress' disappearance, and in himself. Every performance is brilliant and chilling.

Paul L (us) wrote: Harry has run off with Paul's latest studio master tapes...or has he?!? Everyone, from Scotland Yard to Paul's manager thinks so... This 1984 movie offering from Mr. McCartney was considered a major flop in the theaters at the time of its release...by fans and critics alike! The plot and storyline are a bit weak...and yet, I feel it is a very respectable movie in its own right...and well worth watching. It is in essence a crime-mystery drama. But it also takes a peek at the behind-the-scenes goings-on of the recording (or at least Paul's) world. Many of Paul's greatest hits are highlighted from his "solo" years...plus a few Beatles favorites thrown in. Remember...this movie was made back in the days when MTV actually still showed "music videos"...and there are a few scenes that were used (gee...ya' think?!?) as such at the time. My favorite part of the movie is what I refer to as the "Elenore Rigby" montage during the last quarter of the film...almost a mini-movie all on its own.

Anna Ashrah G (ru) wrote: Standard movie about aliens vs. soldiers. BUT! Very good sense of humor, nice special effects, good acting. Movie where you are not bored. Interesting idea for interview.

corey s (us) wrote: This was the weakest link outta of the four movies. Look the plot was good dinosaurs looked good even bringing back Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Alan Grant was a good idea. What hurts this movie in my opinion was the parents that were looking for the son were awful and hard to listen to plus the Kid was awful too. the movie was okay no where as good as the other 3 movies

Emod L (br) wrote: 76%Kindergarten Cop is funnier than most people give it credit for.V: 50%