Tiara Tahiti

Tiara Tahiti

James Mason and John Mills star in this comedy-drama about a tough colonel and a refined captain who clashed during the war, and continue their personal battle in peace-time Tahiti.

James Mason and John Mills star in this comedy-drama about a tough colonel and a refined captain who clashed during the war, and continue their personal battle in peace-time Tahiti. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James M (ca) wrote: A rather pointless sequel to a film which didn't need one. Filmed mostly in Canada with a next-to-nothing budget and snatching plotlines from the Stargate: Universe pilot & Bourne movies. Still... It couldve been worse... With a bigger budget Ashton Kutcher may have been cast!!

William C (mx) wrote: Grade:High 6/10Old school is a funny movie with a funny cast, maybe not the funniestmovie ever but with a nice plot and a film that doesn't have to makeyou laugh to be good, this is worth a watch. I did think maybe Ioverrated this at first but the film is actually pretty good with somenice jokes added into an ever revealing storyline, and with somephysical comedy actors to go, this is film has quality. I felt the filmwas Solidly OK and here below is why I felt that about it all.The story is a college fraternity type film, and you may be thinking "we have had this all before" ,but this has a twist, the main charactersaren't college students, they have jobs, families and they never get toparty, well until now. The pacing is good, the movie not too long andthe although the jokes aren't a plenty and takes along time for thefirst funny thing to be said, it still manages to be kind of funny bythe end. The story end's in a smart way as well with hints of more highschool films coming in but it still remains the working dad's and therehouse.Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn are the main guys in thisand without them I would have rated this poor, although none of themare at comedy best, they still manage to churn out a respectfully funnyperformance. I did enjoy there support too and the characters that hangaround there house are all fun guys, I didn't quite appreciate theacting of the Dean Jeremy Piven, but he doesn't ruin it too much atall.Todd Phillips in a sense runs the whole thing and contributes to thescript but also directs, and I felt without the firm direction ofPhillips, the film would suffer more so hats off to his contribution tothe film. Some funny stunts they do can be hilarious and make yougenuinely chuckle, one such part is at Vince Vaughn's sons birthdayparty when Ferrell(MAYBE A SPOILER HERE FOR SOME) get's well, darted bya zoo keeper and I won't ruin the sequence but it made me laugh morethan at any other time in the movie.The film's main bad point is that it isn't all THAT funny and jokes dooccasionally miss the mark badly, it doesn't make this film bad at allbut contributes to it's lower mark. I also felt maybe the characterscould have put more back into it as although they are funny, peoplesuch as Ferrell should be much more funny and do a lot more of what wehave seen before of him. Finally the script isn't all so solid but Iwon't mention too much about it because that would just drag it rightdown, which is doesn't deserve.I think those into these kind of early 2000's college comedies shouldenjoy and although it is a different type crudeness wise to things likeAmerican Pie and such (mainly because they main characters are matureadults), it may not please everyone, but should overall. Same again forpeople who shouldn't watch, the film isn't afraid of being itself andletting it's hormones go so if you dislike crude, better stay away.Overall I give it a high 6/10 meaning it is Solidly a OK movie but offers verylittle more than this, my rating is stretching it to it's highestpoint, maybe I felt nice on the day. If you a teen watch it because ithas all the hallmarks of teen moves today, but another thing is if youwere a teen or in college in the early 2000's, it should be a massivenostalgic trip back to them day's, oh and might make you laugh.

Edward C (it) wrote: If you know any older gay men you might have heard this expression: Today's trade is tomorrow's competition. And look at Richard Gere! In less than a decade he went from hustler (American Gigolo) to john (Pretty Woman). What a double-feature those two movies would make with their fantasies of prostitutes, and the goodhearted tricks who make a sacrifice to save them. And such class-consciousness. Although Gary Marshall doesn't allow Roberts to evince any of her own, her character certainly reaps the benefits of being in the right place at the right time. Whereas Schrader has poor Gere look more and more blue-collar the closer he gets to love. I think Schader rather loves Julian more as a heartless screwing machine. It seems wanton cruelty to put him behind the wheel of a Nova. Everyone he meets in the hours before the film's, uhm, climax, tells Julian how bad he looks. It's hard to believe Schrader really believes in his happy ending. The Moroder score is abandoned for some incredibly trite, peppy classical music. It hardly seems like the same film.

Kendall C (fr) wrote: One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

stefano l (de) wrote: Unusual action thriller set in a comunication station. The particularity is that is nearly a two-actors movie. It's enough fun if you do not have nothing better to do.