Two brothers battle each other for control of their recently deceased mother's estate.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Two brothers battle each other for control of their recently deceased mother's estate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John L (de) wrote: Not a bad film in itself, but as with cinema masterpiece remakes it results in the obvious question: WHY? This one adds nothing worthy to the original, which is one of the greatest films ever made. Instead, its solid but workman production and performances pale badly by comparison. Were it an original movie, it would be a good one, not exceptional, but not a bad one either. That is the inherent danger in undertaking a remake, and it's nearly impossible to remake a masterpiece without falling flat. While this one is OK, without substantial flaws, it fails to rise to the level of Masaki Kobayashi's original by a large margin. Takashi Miike could have better spent his time, energy and money on creating an original Edo period film, not attempting to remake one of cinema's all time masterpieces. Eventually, this one will end up in the dustbin of discarded remakes, forgotten for all but a footnote in the trivia notes for the original.

Tapan P (es) wrote: this is one funny movie.. desi humor.. a software engineer turned director production..

Mike S (ag) wrote: Steve Carell headlines a somewhat awkward but sweet and occasionally touching romantic comedy. The premise is that Dan (Carell) meets and falls for a woman whom he later learns is his brother's girlfriend. The awkwardness comes from the large family gathering where this all takes place. Three generations spend a few days together while Dan tries to decide whether to be noble or follow his heart. The setup and the middle third feel a bit forced, although Carell gives a good performance throughout. The final act is genuinely emotional at times, although it's all wrapped up a little too tidily, perhaps. If you can get through the first half, it can be a decent date night movie.

Katie B (ru) wrote: Why?! Who thought of this? I gave up at the part where they stab each other in the neck- nasty roommates! The only things that were appealing about this film were the cinematography and use of water as a symbol of both peace and death. The rest was too sick for me to fathom.

Patrick S (kr) wrote: the last decent seagal movie..

Antonio R (ag) wrote: Menuda semanita de relax cinematogrfico. Si ayer era la crispacin de [i]La palabra[/i], hoy es el impacto de ver a un hombre moribundo que prefiere colocarse delante de una cmara antes que morir en la oscuridad. La historia es como sigue: mientras rodaba [i]El hombre de Chinatown[/i], Wim Wenders habl con su amigo y mentor Nicholas Ray, director de, por decir un par, [i]Rebelde sin causa[/i] y [i]Johnny Guitar[/i], que estaba en esos momentos inmerso en la lucha contra el cncer de pulmn. Ray, que haba aparecido en un breve papel en [i]El amigo americano[/i], le propuso a Wenders hacer una pelcula juntos, y el alemn aprovech los das libres en el accidentado rodaje de su film sobre Dashiell Hammett para atravesar los Estados Unidos y grabar lo que con seguridad iba a ser la ltima obra de Ray. LADO BUENO: Esta pelcula es probablemente una de las ms dolorosas y magnticas reflexiones sobre el cine que se hayan hecho nunca, puro metacine. Sin ser documental ni ficcin, parece un "making of" de s misma, con Wenders narrando en voz en off los avatares del rodaje, cuando la pelcula en s misma es la historia de un rodaje! Adems de mostrarnos el piso de Ray, Wenders nos muestra las cmaras que ruedan en el piso de Ray; adems de mostrarnos las charlas que Ray da en aulas universitarias, Wenders nos muestra a s mismo rodando las charlas; por un instante vemos una proyeccin de [i]Hombres errantes[/i], para al segundo siguiente ver a Wenders y Ray comentando la calidad de la copia. LADO MALO: La fascinacin se mezcla con el dolor y el pasmo al ver a Nicholas Ray en la penltima escena de la pelcula, gimiendo y babeando (y consciente de estar babeando), y su ojo tuerto al mirar a la cmara y gritar "Corten!" se te clava como un estilete azul. EN TRES (3) PALABRAS: Hiriente catarsis cinfila.

John M (it) wrote: A tidy little supernatural thriller which tries to draw from Edgar Allan Poe. Unfortunately the need to provide a 'realistic' explanation at the end undercuts the tension that has been built up, but the ride until then is an enthralling one.

Tim M (kr) wrote: 5 years before I Spit on Your Grave, Hong Kong came out with this rape revenge flick. More attackers, an urban setting, and montages of learning kung fu and card throwing differentiate it from the American film. The effects, editing, and directing are so bad, it's comical. It's nice to see Shaw Brothers' take on the theme though. Abrupt and unsatisfying ending.

Eric H (br) wrote: I would recommend this movie to anyone who struggles with low self-esteem and self-doubt. No matter what trauma or bad experience you have had, you can still be the person you want to be when you receive Love and friendship. Just as Charlotte Vale found a sense of belonging in helping Jerry's daughter, we all can find permanence when we show compassion to distressed people.I am finding out more of the prodigious talents that Max Steiner possessed. The musical score in this movie was outstanding. To those who dismiss black and white movies as obsolete, you definitely need to see Now Voyager to find out why the Golden age of Hollywood is far superior to movie-making today.

Melvin W (it) wrote: Bob: Coffee and cigarettes. That's like the breakfast of champions."Welcome to the planet Brooklyn."Blue in the Face is a fun enough movie especially if you like the style of Smoke. This isn't really much like Smoke though, when it comes to story. There's really no story here. There's a lot of individual improvised scenes and interviews telling random facts about Brooklyn. It's a very loose film, that has a sort of documentary feel to it at times and a standard feature film feel to it at other times.The cast is huge in this film, with Harvey Keitel being the only big name that was left over from smoke. Michael J. Fox, Jim Jarmusch, Lou Reed, Roseanne,and Madonna all make appearances throughout.In the end, Blue in the Face is pretty much just Wayne Wang pulling scraps from Smoke, but it has it's appeal. I like the conversations, which all have the improve feel to them. This isn't a movie that really needs to be seen, but it's one that is a good amount of fun for fans of Smoke. If you didn't like Smoke though, there's absolutely no reason to waste your time with this film.