Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Stunning trophy wife Rachel Avery is stuck in a cold, loveless marriage with her millionaire husband, Holden. So when Holden goes away on a trip, Rachel hooks up with her close friend Carla, and the two hatch a plan to murder Holden and collect on his vast assets. But the girls don't want to commit the crime themselves, so at a bar they seduce a stranger, Travis Brewer, and convince him to do their bidding.

A wealthy man becomes suspicious of his younger wife and hires a private detective in time to thwart her plans to have him killed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert J (it) wrote: Good story and glorious setting make this worth seeing. Excellent acting is the icing on the gateau. The ending leaves you wondering ...???

Gabriel T (ru) wrote: One of the best if not the best Fast and Furious film.

SagaciousFrank (gb) wrote: I found it to be a yawn fest. I didn't care about any of the two dimensional characters, and the plot was poorly developed and explained. The script was bog-standard and clich (C)d, and it's all just seemed so tired and by the numbers, and there was little enthusiasm from the cast. In fact, they seemed as bored as I was.Also, some actors like the recently late John Hurt look as if he could have been a Viking from those times, due to his haggard countenance. Whereas others look as of they could have entered beauty contests. The CGI wasn't all that great either, though I could have forgiven this if there was something else that I liked, which there wasn't. I've seen worse films, but that's about the only compliment I can give to this movie. 2/5

Austin G (br) wrote: While the release of this movie should have been the release date of the home video release, Cinderella Man is a powerful story that packs a powerful punch.

Nikolaj Z (mx) wrote: This is one of those films that exemplifies what very little movie making experience/knowledge most film critics pertain.In this flick, the stories are not integral to the experience. The appeal of this movie stems from the choreography of both on-screen actors and off-screen film makers. For example: some reviews criticize how much the actors improvise their lines in this movie, but make no mention of how the camera operators probably had little (or no) improvisation at all.There is no reason for anyone to watch this flick if they have their standard expectations for a film in mind. - This is NOT an entertaining movie, and it's not meant to be. - However, if you have any interest in the creative process of film production, I would definitely recommend this flick as a study piece.(The two major annoyances I have with this film, though, are the repeated synchronized camera shaking and the terrorized group, at the end, huddling together.)

Jason K (it) wrote: Its got a sudo original plot and is shot well, just kinda falls in the wayside of "Heres this great world that were not really gonna do much with"

Aj V (ag) wrote: A cute, fun, silly dinosaur adventure movie that I think kids will love, I know I loved this movie when I was a kid.

Matthew L (ca) wrote: Basically an extended shootout - the movie takes place almost entirely in one location. It can be pretty violent at times, but I thought the action was pretty meh overall. Fishburne was cool, but he's always cool. Premise seemed a little silly and it didn't quite engage me as much as it should have.

David J (mx) wrote: I can't help it. I love this film. It's beyond awful.

SpAZy M (us) wrote: Lacks the suspense of the original. The new fly-man hybrid looks lame due to the oversized head. Price is again great at his role, and the revenge aspect between Alan and Philippe is a great element. The creepiness given by the sound of the Fly's leg dragging against the ground is also a little creepy. Another average sequel that delivers nothing new or special.

Ricardo A (ag) wrote: Greta Gerwig maybe top notch but Damsels in distress feels too quirky and intelligent for it's own good.