Ray Nettles, a detective of San Francisco, and his partner Fuzzy must take up to one of the most dangerous terrorist gangs of the city. When one of the terrorists, the beautiful scientist Claire Manning is arrested, Swan, the leader of the terrorists, claims he will let explode bombs throughout the city if she will not be released. Because of the possible bloodshed, Nettles calls for the help of explosive expert Frank Glass...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   fight,   police,  

After a San Francisco detective's partner is murdered by Northern Irish terrorists, the officer joins the bomb squad in order to bring them to justice. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy N (es) wrote: I've never understood Brony culture and while the documentary didn't answer all of my questions, it did shed a different light on the topic and a little more understanding on my part. Still find it completely weird.

Alfredo E (ca) wrote: boring and silly sometimes

visitorQ S (gb) wrote: the beginning was ok but after an hour this movie became quite shitty. 2/5

Patrick E (ca) wrote: The giant insect film has been popular amongst horror and film fans alike since the days of black and white films but alas no longer seems to garner the backing to be released on the big screen with 2002's Eight Legged freaks being the last. There is no doubt the latest giant insect film, Kyle Rankin's Infestation, deserved to be seen on the big screen as it's a fun filled comedy horror with excellent entertainment value but unfortunately it ended up going straight to the DVD shelf resulting in not nearly enough people knowing its existence.The plot is essentially no different from the countless other films of this type; a slacker named Cooper awakes in his office block to find himself covered in spider webbing. After breaking free, he comes to realise that the world has been taken over by giant insects everyone else in his office has suffered the same fate. Cooper takes it upon himself to awake a small rag tag group from their web induced coma and together they must fight for their survival.The most surprising aspect of Infestation is how good the CGI effects are given the budget of the film, the insects all look believable and the film never suffers from ropey effects. Although the plot is as unoriginal as they come, the script itself is very well written with a good mix of characters that provide plenty of humour throughout. Although not every joke hits its mark, Infestation is still a funny film with most of the comedy coming from Cooper as the typical office slacker. Rankin knows that a film about giant insects can never be taken seriously so there is a sense of fun throughout the proceedings with a nice blend between the comedy and the insect action. The action scenes are solid enough although they are obviously restricted by the films budget but still remain entertaining throughout and it all leads up a well done, although predictable, climax. Although classified as a horror film, there is nothing even remotely frightening to be found here so if you're looking for scares then Infestation isn't for you but if good cheesy horror comedy is what you're after then you can't go wrong with this little film.Writer/Director Kyle Rankin has crafted a genuinely funny comedy horror with solid CGI effects and decent action that provides solid entertainment throughout. Unfortunately it's yet another film that not too many people know about but if you get the chance it's definitely worth a watch.

Caroline P (nl) wrote: If you don't like being forced to think about what you're seeing, then you probably won't like this. What could be better than an existentialist romance?

Liam H (it) wrote: 'Memoirs' centres around lax stock analyst Nick Halloway (a quippy and smarmy Chevy Chase) who has become invisible as the result of being the sole person left inside a nuclear laboratory during a freak accident. Nick, even though was a smooth-talker and a generally likable character didn't really properly connect with his friends nor would he if he could. He also has no family meaning he has quite literally vanished, almost without a trace. Now, crooked CIA Agent David Jenkins (Sam Neill) is the only person who knows of Nick's current state of transparency and is trying to track him down to work as a spy and the only person Nick can turn to for help is Alice (Daryl Hannah) with whom Nick is romantically involved. Nick guides us through the story by telling his tale in narrator fashion. Hence `memoirs'. I re-watched the film recently, years after I had first seen or even heard anything about it and I was pleased to discover that it was just as I remember. It has retained its quirky style, odd bits of humour and surprisingly the illusions of invisibility. For a special-effects heavy film that is now 20 years old and to remain almost entirely unfazed by time is a great achievement in any case. If the film was made today, it would have most likely been bombarded with CGI and would totally lose the quirkiness and wonder created with the good old 'lights and magic'. When watching `Memoirs' it's not odd to stop yourself and think. "Wait, how the hell did they do this stuff back in 1992?' The painted face sequence or when Nick is in the rain or even the simply when Nick is smoking and we see the smoke form the shape of lungs. This sort of novelty effects seen here possess a physicality which I don't think CGI could ever replicate, or hasn't managed yet at least. As far as acting and narrative goes, it's an acceptable affair. Obviously we're not talking stand-out performances from the cast and the story is a fairly simple one (taken from a book I believe) but it doesn't exactly prove detrimental to the quality of the film. Chase shows diversity in a more serious role and conveys the sense of loneliness in quite a believable way and being Chevy Chase he also has the natural comedy tactility to provide the odd laugh. However it is easy to argue that he was still miscast. Hannah and Neil play the love interest role and main antagonist respectively to satisfaction. People often criticize the film for it not knowing whether it's trying to be a comedy or a thriller which is plausible. Some moments that seem ready to prove geniunely thrilling are sometimes marred by seemingly out-of-place moments of humour. However, moments such as these could simply prove to be misconceptions considering how uncharacteristic a film it is for the director. Surprisingly the film was directed by none other than horror/thriller favourite John Carpenter (The Thing, Halloween, Assault On Precinct 13) and remains one of his lesser known films (possibly because it doesn't challenge the audience in the way one of his horrors does). Like Chase in the acting role, this film was a change of pace for Carpenter as a director with a more light-hearted film but it works better that one would expect and remains good viewing complete with cheesy one-liners. "It's not what it is sir, [pause] it's what it `isn't". Carpenter would return to horror after 'Memoirs' with 1994's 'In The Mouth Of Madness' which retains Sam Neill in a starring role. Overall, 'Memoirs' has a few short-comings and is by no way one of John Carpenter's best but it IS an enjoyable film. It's not genre-defining it's just good entertainment that is also a visual treat. It's surprising that the film it isn't a cult favourite as it probably deserves it for the special effects alone, but having said that it is part of Carpenter's back catalogue so people are still likely to embark on this forgotten gem. 3.5/5.

Alexander R (kr) wrote: The movie has some fun; however it is still cheasy and poor! Simply stupid film

MEC r (nl) wrote: I did not really like this movie.

Carlos I (ca) wrote: So much damn fun! How have I not seen this until now?! Turner and Douglas have great chemistry.

STCENTERPRISE (ca) wrote: Oceans 13I thought that the film started out slow because it was a lot of talking and set up discussions to what would happen later in the film. Jumping through the elevator corridors looked dangerous and crazy amazing. I like the American flag motorcycle costume. You shook Sanatra's hand so you should know better. I enjoyed the casting decisions for this film. The diamonds were donated towards charity for 200 kids to go to camp. I wish that there was a little more action to this film. The music in this film was pretty good. It was interesting how this started out be a plan for redemption but as more people came involved this became than just stealing money from one system but also diamonds for someone else if they are to be allowed to use drill to help disrupt the casino main computer and security system. I liked the dice machine that would make the dice role to the numbers they wanted to make 7.Is it as good as the first film. No, but I do like the fact that this is a different story and it sounds convincing. This also goes into stories concerning greed, loyalty, and dedication no matter the cost. Sticking up for those people in your life that mean the most. This was not about the money but doing what is right based upon morals.

Howard E (it) wrote: We've seen this story many times before - a curmudgeonly guy befriends an adorable little boy (or girl) and the two of them get changed for the better in the process. The only difference this time around is that the curmudgeon in ST. VINCENT is played by the hugely underrated Bill Murray while the boy is played by first-timer Jaeden Lieberher, who is not only too cute for words but he's a pretty good actor as well.When a newly divorced mom and her bright but puny pre-teenaged son move to Brooklyn, they quickly find their lives intertwined with that of their next-door neighbour - a hard boiled Vietnam vet who prefers to live life solely on his own terms. Being the family's sole income earner, Maggie (Melissa McCarthy) has to work long hours as a hospital technician and she has no choice but to leave Oliver (Lieberher) in Vince's (Murray) care after he finishes school for the day. This is the last thing the grumpy old guy wants as he is quite content living out his days drinking, smoking, gambling and shtupping his Russian exotic dancer girlfriend, Daka (Naomi Watts). But, as we soon learn, Vince is also flat broke, so he agrees to look after Oliver - for a fee, of course. Desperate times for both Maggie and Vince call for desperate actions.As we would expect, Vince begrudgingly tolerates his new charge but he's not about to let the kid change his own habits. He takes Oliver to a bar (isn't that slightly illegal?), teaches him how to handicap horses at the racetrack and gives him tips on how to break someone's nose with just a single jab. Oliver takes it all in, as he thirsts for both practical life lessons and some fatherly companionship even if that father figure is more than a bit rough around the edges. Along the way, Oliver gets to see a side of Vince that many do not. Underneath all the gruffness, Vince really is a good guy with a good heart.Do you like what you're reading? Why not sign up to receive my movie reviews in your inbox every Thursday or Like my Facebook page? Too much of a commitment? How about commenting below or giving it a star rating?ST. VINCENT is somewhat of a cross between BAD SANTA and THE KARATE KID. It does get a bit schmaltzy toward the end but, overall, the performances and the camerawork make this an enjoyable film to watch. Murray is a delight with his one liners and one has to wonder if they were scripted. Certainly, the scene that comes up over the closing credits was improvised. McCarthy, thankfully, dialled back her normal OTT shtick here to play a simple woman who struggles with the balancing act between work and family. I think a lot of single mothers would identify with her even if they themselves wouldn't ever consider leaving their child in the care of a reprobate like Vince. (Or maybe they would?) With two clowns like Murray and McCarthy sharing the stage, the results could have been disastrous. Fortunately, McCarthy and director/screenwriter Theodore Melfi had the good sense to let Murray be the only one getting the laughs here.ST. VINCENT works best because of its honesty. It's probably not going to change the way you view the world, but it is good entertainment and sometimes that's just enough.

Mohamed G (es) wrote: the worst romantic movie I've ever seen

Jason H (it) wrote: This was a really good movie. I really felt the scene towards the end where Tommy has to choose between polishing the cops shoe one last time or striking back, classic material all the way!

Daniel P (gb) wrote: A beautiful visual poem to a bruised but beguiling city.