Ticket to Romance

Ticket to Romance


Rasmus defends his Ph.D in Danish literature entitled "The Romantic Idiot", but with his special qualifications there are not many jobs around. To reduce his study loan he settles for a temporary teaching job at an adult education programme in the provincial town of Korsør. Here, Rasmus meets a complex group of people and takes part in their lives. He falls dramatically in love with one of his pupils, Signe, who dreams of having a child with her partner, Camilla. Playing the role of a romantic idiot in Korsør just isn't plain sailing for Rasmus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pratik B (nl) wrote: Another epic movie by Prakash jha .........Adept plot along side salient acting of Arjun rampal n Abhay Deol makes movie worth watch.......the sexy police inspector (esha gupta) adds spicy flavor ........ !!!

Fiong M (mx) wrote: terrible film...Neither fish nor fowl

Jao R (gb) wrote: entertaining and really touching.

Ian H (nl) wrote: One of the best ways to discover Arthur Russell if you haven't already. All the music in the movie made me want to listen to him constantly. So good, and a really terrific portrait.

Tonya V (it) wrote: WTF? This was terrible.

Sandra V (us) wrote: This is a chilling thriller in more ways than one-the harsh, cold, Canadian landscape sets the scene, and the calculating greed in each character's heart propels the plot. The tension is sustained to the very end... with each and every frozen footstep. I highly recommend this movie.

Zarina R (nl) wrote: Amo a Diego Luna y al cine mexicano

Ben R (mx) wrote: Pretty middle of the road crime action who dunit kinda film. Focusing on uncover narc's and who killed a fellow undercover officer. Nothing too special but a decent enough watch.

Caque A (ag) wrote: Interesante peli sobre el arte de jalar bola y ser jalado. Buenos dilogos, de lo mejor de Patrice Leconte.

WS W (de) wrote: Basically the story line is nothing new & cliched indeed. But the screenplay was properly written, despite preachy, which is kinda rarely seen in the Kung Fu genre before. Jet Li has also shown different faces of his character (in his acting) eventually.

Anna L (au) wrote: Best movie sex scene ever!

Ken S (fr) wrote: Dario Argento's 1985 supernatural horror film involves a Young American Girl at a European Boarding School who discovers she has power over insects, as well as a Bug expert with a helper monkey, and a serial killer on the loose. Thinking about it, it almost seems like it should've felt more disjointed than it was, it is actually quite well put together. It has good atmosphere, some far out crazy ideas, and it just sort of...works. See it, don't read much into it, just see it, and you will fond that it's a fine horror film.

Uditha D (kr) wrote: The entire Apu trilogy is remarkable in my view, but Aparajito is to me personally the most moving in the entire series. Why I say this is because Aparajito is the coming-of-age story laid out in Satyajit Ray's magnificent trio. It essentially tells us of the many tragedies faced by the title character Apu, as he seeks his heart's one desire - a university education. In the process, all those tragic scenes - Apu's father's death and then his mother's death - are agonizingly hard to watch. But to me, the most tear jerking scene was the one where the mother, tenderly watching Apu sleeping, deliberately lets him oversleep and hence miss his train back to Calcutta, in order to keep him back just for one more day. That scene very thought provokingly and accurately charts out a mother's love for her child, in my opinion the most sincere form of love in this world. After watching that one scene, I don't think even one viewer will fail to appreciate the exuberance and alluring nature of this gemstone of a film, directed to near perfection by Ray's vision, and accentuated by many other elements: the performances, the music, and of course, the simple yet ground-breaking camerawork. I give this a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Tom M (ru) wrote: Carole Lombard with a Ben Hecht script. Really, what more could you want? Not quite up to the level of Twentieth Century, but still sharp, biting, hilarious, brilliant. Lombard may have made a bad movie but I haven't seen it yet.