Teens camping in a northern California retreat are terrorized by mutant insects created by evil, polluting pot farmers.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:forest,   cabin,   drugs,  

A group of troubled teens take part in wilderness project with their leader Holly and Charles. They attempt to adapt to the wild life, but they are attacked suddenly by dangerous ticks. How do they face with deadly creatures? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew S (fr) wrote: Talked more about the last years of their career & hardly talked about their great records (first 3 in my opinion). Most of the film is about Bernie Rhodes their manager.

Eric T (ca) wrote: Douglas really nails his portrayal of Liberace. Rob Lowe character was hilarious. Damon cute as ever.

Abhishek S (us) wrote: Best movie on student Politics

Jarret S (mx) wrote: I don't remember why I watched this, but it was horrible.

Terry R (mx) wrote: Absolutely exhilarating. One of the best nature docs I've ever seen...

Andrew L (us) wrote: Louis L'amour story with great actors turns into a complete farce. Intriguing to see a slightly older version of Brigette Bardot.

Jason A (kr) wrote: Good old campy fun! I actually fell sleep a few times, but it is pretty funny to watch a monster driving a car then put the pimp hand down on some cops. Good times, preferably with a crowd.

Jose Luis M (br) wrote: Pretendi ser una segunda Lo que el viento se llev,el resultado es fallido muy larga con un formato parecido a un telefilm.

Paul P (mx) wrote: Edward G, Broderick Crawford, and a bank heist? Boy, milk and honey! Throw in bit parts for Jackie Gleason and Anthony Quinn and rapid fire antiquated slang to great comedic effect? It's velvet! Eh, who am I kidding... you porch climbers wouldn't know a good score if it dropped in your lap...

Mike L (jp) wrote: The best of the MGM Tarzan movies, which means it is the best Tarzan movie. It is fitting that it is considered the best movie even though this is the second of the Weissmuller / O'Sullivan movies since many think that the second book in the Tarzan series, "The Return of Tarzan" is the best in the series. While many think the Tarzan movies are kid movies, this one has alot of adult content, including a skinny-dipping scene, and was one of the main movies for the Hays Code. It follows the typical Tarzan plot; follow Tarzan and Jane around for awhile, enter in bad white hunters, Tarzan gets hurt and Jane abducted, Tarzan rescues Jane with help of animals. This one is different because it is pre-code, the scenes are graphic, and the story is treated for adults and not dumbed down for kids.

Teresa M (it) wrote: Excellent movie,,,,,if you are not up on y our WW II history, might I recommend 2006 culturally diverse and sensitive movie surround the lies of 4 survivors photography planting the U.S. flag.....based on a book

Alex S (jp) wrote: If its not worth watching for the outstanding acting alone, then it certainly is for the great script and excellent direction that combine with it. Glengarry Glen Ross is an engaging, cynical, but ultimately humorous look at corruption, desperation, and societal pressures.

Adam C (kr) wrote: What's with all the Mars based movies sucking? (With the exception of Rocketman). The plot is as watery thin as Mars' surface itself, the acting is as dry as the planets' atmosphere and above all that this is the most scientifically inaccurate film in the history of science based films. The inaccuracies are so bad NASA refused to be a technical advisor on the film. Do yourself a favor and spend an hour and 46 minutes of your life watching something else instead of this piece of crap created by unintelligent lifeforms.