Wordless short in which people in a London bar count down the final five minutes of the last millennium.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:10 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Wordless short in which people in a London bar count down the final five minutes of the last millennium. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wiebke K (gb) wrote: Very interesting -- the interviews connected with today's images of Theresienstadt and some of the artistic renderings show clearly how this "model" ghetto was anything but. It also gives a different view of Eichmann and therefore a more sinister view of the banality of evil, and Murmelstein is a fascinating interviewee.

Sally A (fr) wrote: I'm getting too old for this crap. I went against my better judgement and watched this because it just keeps coming up as one of those 'underrated gems' like Trick 'r Treat. Well honestly, this is no gem and it is an insult to compare it to Trick 'r Treat in any way other than to say they are both anthology films. It's like saying Mills & Boon is like Jane Austen because they both fall into the romance category! This is basically the kind of nonsense one might expect from film students, shines of talent but not quite there, at all. Not one of these stories left me wanting more, excluding one or two that I can't even remember now. The Japanese directors do win the prize for the most bizarre, crazy sh*t with F and Z. Basically though I'm done with this B-grade inanity. There is much better horror out there than this.

John P (nl) wrote: I really enjoy Brit Marling. I loved her in this, and Another Earth. However, if the director is planning to end the movie with a cliffhanger because he thinks he will be able to fund a sequel... Make sure some sort of plan is in place at least.

Michael L (ca) wrote: Not sure what's wrong with PHIL SPECTOR, the man or the movie. But at least the man is never dull. The film is just the middle/second act of a court room drama with generally no point or conclusion. The talent is all there--Mamet, Levinson, Mirren, and Pacino. Something went terribly wrong.

Phillip H (it) wrote: One of my favorites. Not sure why critics didn't like it. Great filmmaking style. Great acting. Great story.

Christian W (br) wrote: Tarantinesker Pulp-Film. Witzig, blutig, sexy. Eher was fr Nichtraucher.

Kevin M (es) wrote: I'm a sucker for mysteries (and for Woody Allen)

Jos M (au) wrote: Psicodelico film de Stanley Donen que no llega a la altura de la genial Charada, pero que tiene su encanto gracias a Sophia Loren y a Gregory Peck.

Sydney M (br) wrote: Great, accurate portrayal of the life of George Gershwin. The casting was very acceptional.

Terri H (ru) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Murder C (kr) wrote: If you want to see a real b-movie look no further. "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers" is the super low budget tale of a gang of chainsaw worshipping prostitutes that kills their customers. Sure sounds like silly fun and they even got the original 'Leatherface': Gunnar Hansen from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" to star in it. Of course I expected this one to be low budget, campy and filled with bad acting, but still it disappoints. It's not that funny or entertaining, and sadly all the tits and full frontal female nudity doesn't lift the rating at all.

Timm L (ru) wrote: Although not Disney's best work, "Secret of the Wings" sparkles with Disney magic! It has all other Disney movies have: emotional moments, great story-plot, and beautiful animation. This movie is an instant classic!

Conner R (au) wrote: A classic B-movie showing the true corruption in the city. This is extremely realistic and violent, turning into a horror movie for anyone who lives in New York. However, this can be taken almost 100% seriously though, which must??ve been hard with such a low budget and multiple restraints. The acting is so above average for something typical of the genre, Robert Forster and Fred Williamson are the greatest. The music is some of my favorite, coming close to the original Assault on Prescient 13, which says a lot. There are very few movies like this around and this is nothing short of great.