Tiempo de morir

Tiempo de morir

A man is released from prison, and after 18 years, returns to his "pueblo" (village). But in this village, time, in many ways, has stood still. The time served by Juan complied with the ...

A man is released from prison, and after 18 years, returns to his "pueblo" (village). But in this village, time, in many ways, has stood still. The time served by Juan complied with the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim C (jp) wrote: Not as good as It could have been, not enough twists.

Jakub H (br) wrote: Serenity is a great movie with memorable characters, wittty dialoge and stunning action. It is a sad reminder of what could have been, if it's audience wasn't as niche as it was. In the world today, Firefly would have seven seasons as Whedon planned and a bunch of great movies. This was supposed to be the Star Trek of the modern age television and cinema.

Nicholas H (gb) wrote: i got a lot of time for brittany murphy

Daniel S (kr) wrote: Haven't seen it in forever, but I remember loving it back then. Great for the kids.

Carl N (au) wrote: Cheesy 80's slapstick farce. I would give this film no stars but I decided to give it two. One for Ginger Lynn Allen and one for Linnea Quigley. They are the only good thing in this film.

Ibraheem M (us) wrote: Exciting and with a mix of Morricone's score and Eastwood's performance, Two Mules For Sister Sara becomes even more exciting.

George O (au) wrote: The premise of this film is wonderful if a bit unsettling, and it's pulled off in good fashion. Good lead performances from Timberlake and Seyfried make the film a pleasure to watch and there's never really a dull moment, you enjoy learning about this world, the politics and the characters surrounding it.

Mariah H (ru) wrote: Potential Story Line Great Actors capable of being a interesting Sci Fi ..... But loses the Mark ....weak ending mediocre story line it just loses your interest. I Love Brandon Routh but even as talented as he is the story is just so bad .

JaLynn T (br) wrote: Girl?s Just Want To Have Fun ?Girls Just Want To Have Fun,? is a movie about a military brat teenager girl and a small town teenage boy. They both entered in a dance competition to be shown on TV. While they are entering to show their moves they end up becoming dance partners. Threw out the movie they start to fall for each other but things happen that try to pull them apart because they might have a chance to win the competition with their passion moves.This movie was filmed in 1985. The director of the movie was Alan Matter and the writer was Amy Spies. The main actors were Sarah Jessica Parker played as Janey and Lee Montgomery plays as Lynne. Sarah Jessica Parker has been in a bunch of movies over her teen years and still to this day she acts (New Year's Eve, Failure to Launch, Footloose, Hocus Pocus). For Lee Montgomery, his last movie was ?Girls Just Want To Have Fun?, but years before that he has done movies but not very much (Prime Risk, The Midnight Hour, Burnt Offerings). Now in the beginning of this movie I was not so much a fan of Sarah Parker?s character. Her character is very innocent and very nervous about almost everything, but threw out the movie she starts to get comfortable and mellows out. Now for Lee Montgomery, I liked his character. His character was like the punk rock, cool, layed back kind of guy you could think of back in the 80?s that did not know what to do after high school. I really don?t think Alan Matter could have found anyone better to play these characters than these two. This movie all in all leans more towards the romance, dance movies which has most qualifications for a chick flick (Step It Up, Dirty Dancing, etc.). For me when I was watching the movie some of the songs and dancing scene made me want to just jump up and dance my way into the movie, though there are some parts that make you want to punch some people in the face. But if you are having a down day and you feel like watching a up rising movie, this is a good one for you.