Tiempos menos modernos

Tiempos menos modernos


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Jack H (it) wrote: this movie was ok. but it made so little sence it was gut wrenching! i hate saying that because movies that are suppose to make no sense usually do really well. but this one fell behind and i think it should get the reward for most turns but the twist of it all is revealed in the first ten minutes and then your like wow that was fast and theres still another hour of movie. it was also pretty short for a movie of this kind of magnitude. it didnt explore half the things it opened doors for and it kind of switched between so many different types of twists and turns that it made me want to throw up and by the end i thought this movie was Dumb with a capital D! i know why people would like this movie because majority of people love movies that are so imaginative and twisty and doent make sense until the end but in this it just swam around in a sea of ideas that weren't carried out, they were just explored while being filmed in the backround. i do grant this film had some startiling consepts that i respect and maybe even like, but all in all i was annoyed at how clueless it was made and made me feel (also props to melissa mccarthy she was excellent for some reason.)

Lau K (br) wrote: it's kind a sweet. tells u that love that we come across in cities can be so fragile - and indeed, we are fragile for those whose care about loves.

Ro D (fr) wrote: so nice to watch is an almodovar not isn't the best of him

Tilda M (fr) wrote: It Sucks. fucking norwegian piss we had to watch at school.

Bobby S (us) wrote: Greg Araki has always been known for his gritty real life gay boyz in the hood kind of lifestyle. This particular film is my favorite of Gregs work. It's a low budget movie. I think this was his 2nd movie, but it is seasoned with great direction and once again great angst coming from the actors. This is a psychological sexual thriller in my opinion. Everyone knows the stereotype of the "Bad Boy" The fact that some boys are just plain crazy and bad makes for good fun!

Daniel C (us) wrote: Tootsie made me laugh the entire time--but it managed to have to something valuable to say.

Ilja S (br) wrote: Blood Diamond might movie too fast and make the intense story feel rushed, but an outstanding cast really delivers, and makes the movie extremely enjoyable. One of my all time favourite movies to rewatch over and over.

Matthew G (mx) wrote: Leviathan is probably going to be bad, but I'm curious to see how this "Alien taking place underwater" is like. I should consider seeing it sometime.

James H (it) wrote: Sentimental time-passer with a Highway to Heaven feel about it.