Tierra adentro

Tierra adentro


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Frank Santos C (au) wrote: Excellent! Great documentary. Very informative.

Andres G (ru) wrote: After watching it, I don't have any wish of watching the series, no matter how good they are claimed to be.I suppose that says everything.

Batter S (it) wrote: The film itself was OK and felt way too long, but Spacey's singing was purely magic!

Thomas B (it) wrote: ***It's really not as bad as some say, to the point where I would actually call it a good movie. But...why? It didn't need to be made. T2 was the PERFECT ending to this franchise, and quite frankly it should've stopped there. But this entry actually isn't all that bad.

Amanda L (it) wrote: The lack of emotion in this movie, disgracing the powerful and moving feelings Allende herself conveyed on her pages, was so infuriating that I had to get a drink after watching! The cast was terrible for starters, every single one lacking the depth of character that the author so wonderfully crafted, and the quality just as terrible. If one has any respect for the author or themselves, they will not watch this awful excuse of a film, but will rather curl up with the novel, and relish it in all its glory.

Dwayne R (ag) wrote: Good but a little predictable.

Sherelle (fr) wrote: This is the best lesbian movie. My first gay movie and I had a crush on Helen Shaver. She is hot in this movie.

Megs M (jp) wrote: their corny ways always makes me laugh :)

Tom G (ru) wrote: Loved it, shot beautifully and the acting was spot on.

Chucky (mx) wrote: November 16th-17th 2012March 23 2015