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oxana (de) wrote: Jeff Dunham and his group of characters are back, giving the audience exactly what they want.There's nothing new here, really; it's familiar bantering, some awesome new jokes, some material that feels a bit old but okay, next to the new jokes it really doesn't matter.Dunham doesn't have to re-invent himself as long as the old stuff works.And boy, does it!

Phil H (au) wrote: American film with most of the main roles going to British actors, well I say actors but none of them are really proper actors hehe Vinnie Jones, Tamer Hassan and Luke Goss, all Southerners and all pretty hard..accept Goss.50Cent appears briefly despite being billed as a main player whilst Kilmer is miscast as a big drug lord. Starts out pretty well with some good tense action and a solid revenge plot building in the same type of vain as your average Seagal or JCVD flick. Allot of hand held cam work adds to the atmosphere as Goss goes on a one man army kick ass spree to avenge his brother and it does feel gritty and rough if alittle glossy with that Hollywood touch, not as bleak and tough as '187' or 'Harsh Times'.Things do get silly unfortunately as the film progresses towards the end, its kinda hard to believe that the stringy wiry Goss is hard enough to beat all these big guys up hehe especially the fight at the end which does smell of certain JCVD films. Holes are uncovered in the plot which make you question sequences and the ending is abrupt and kinda rushed, its mainly a vehicle for Goss much like 'The Transporter' was a vehicle for Statham but this is abit too late and dated really, still its kinda cool to see a trio of cockneys in the main roles of a US film.

Paul K (kr) wrote: This one surprised me. It's still swirling about in my subconscious after a couple of days, despite my general dislike of murder as a theme for movies.In contrast to the critics' opinions, I think the key to this story is Ryan Gosling's acting. Not an actor I've ever really rated before, he is really spooky and believable as the hyper-controlled and very disturbed main character. In the final segment of the film he goes off the rails very nicely, too.There are lots of nice noir notes in the presentation, which set the story on edge without ever going over the top. Kirsten Dunst is convincing, if bland.

Vincent M (it) wrote: A tantalizing plot as well as a powerhouse performance by Barbara Babulova, who plays young Coco Chanel.

Valeria P (mx) wrote: Beautiful movie based on a true story, it depicts the life of Maria Larsson, a mother and wife who discover her hidden talent for photography after winning a camera in a lottery. It is a very slow paced movie that follows the slow days of the early 1900's. The acting is very subtle and honest.

Adam D (us) wrote: Another modern day retelling of the Dickens classic; slightly flat though

Ale G (mx) wrote: One of Tarrantino's best

Joe S (us) wrote: Not a scary movie but I knew that going in. Acting wasn't very good but man did that leprechaun like to play with people before unleashing his final blow. Acting wasn't very good either

Andruw F (gb) wrote: Aside from some good jokes, gags, and scenes, this isn't very funny. But the funny parts are great! Very smart, and very funny! Steve Martin is fine, but it's not like he's anything special. He's funny at times, and annoying at times. What's really cool though is seeing Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in the real world again, and for a whole movie! Obviously this is going to be compared to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and obviously it's not as good. This movie is essentially about nothing, with Bugs and Daffy in the real world, and some funny parts thrown in. Kids will like this, adults will think it's alright. It's definitely not as bad as it could have been, which really helps it be a lot better!

Thomas D (jp) wrote: Sleepy Hollow manages to impressively balance out a brutally graphic premise with an interesting mystery and decidedly timely humor. It's easily one of Tim Burton's most entertaining adventures to date.Period pieces are ripe for great horror flicks. To me, the creepiest film of 2016 has been The Witch, and that's large part due to the eerie 17th century setting on a secluded farm. Sleepy Hollow is a much more habited town, but the same eerie tone is set brilliantly by cinematographer, Emmanuel Lubezki. I love the way he and Burton used the town itself as a character which is a part of the mystery. Speaking of the mystery, It's nice to see Burton tackle a mystery, which I believe is the only time he's ever ventured into that genre. And he handles it well for the most part. A good portion of the film focuses on why exactly a headless horseman is taking out certain members of the Sleepy Hollow community, with Johnny Depp's Ichabod Crane at the center of the investigation. Crane, in typical Burton fashion, is a bit of an eccentric and unpredictable twist to his detective style. But the real issue with some of the mystery is that the third act reveals come at a rapid pace and the story gets a little convoluted.With that said, once we get caught up as an audience, Burton gives us a juicy climatic showdown with the infamous horseman, and it doesn't disappoint. He's done a few horror films, but Sleepy Hollow ranks up there with some of his best overall features. It has his distinguished tone and style with plenty of colorful kills by one of the great horror villains of all time, the headless horseman. An awkward romance and a somewhat convoluted third act prevent it from being flawless, but it's more than just your average horror entertainment.+Lubezki+Burton hits all the right beats+Amazing climax+Well-crafted-Iffy romance-Somewhat confusing reveals9.0/10

Matthew B (mx) wrote: Anyone remember this movie? It's alright if you don't, because in a few days I won't.