Tierra sublevada: Oro impuro

Tierra sublevada: Oro impuro

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prayer,   rescue,   revenge,  

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Tierra sublevada: Oro impuro torrent reviews

Steve T (ca) wrote: This was very good at the beginning discussing the narrative on the origins of the magazine. My only minor critique is that it does turn into an intellectual wankfast towards the end and it is a little lost in some places. Not sure of the chronology. A slight point of view is taken (as expected with most documentaries these days.) Worth seeing, if nothing more than all of the famous clips including Gore Vidal and Norman Mailer going at it on the old Dick Cavett Show.

Julian M (mx) wrote: The fact that this movie has high reviews on this website is a shame on the credability of it's reviewers. This movie is filled with a bunch of name brand actors playing in the worst roles of their careers, coupled with awful writing, the worst jokes, whatever the story is it sucks and it' not followed clearly, the music is non existant and/or god awful, and I can't tell if Seann is playing a half retarded character. (I'm serious.) All in all, a couple minutes in and if you watch movies often, you'll be laughing at the screen play and transitions. Not a good comedy, not a good hockey movie, not good at all. Can't believe anyone would give this a positive review.

Barry C (au) wrote: I loved the first couple of seasons of Prison Break and this ruins the memory.

Alan N (br) wrote: This was super dumb but that's ok because the acting sucked too...

Kara H (br) wrote: Decent look into Dahmers childhood. Horrible affects and the music just didn't usually fit the scene. Oh well. It was alright.

O S (it) wrote: Lame. Much lamer than it needed to be.

Chris C (nl) wrote: player pimppppppppppppppp

Lionel C (gb) wrote: 90s hollywood-fied. Book was good and made a lot of sense. This movie not so much. Changed the killer and added some unnecessary kung-fu scenes that were just... well they were just terrible. Also if you didn't read the book I bet it was hard as fuck to follow along with what was happening.

Nicholas B (us) wrote: A rare Aussie treat, that we should be proud of. Hilarious, insightful, moving and profound. "You've got great tits Flow!!!!" A fantastic Aussie urban odyssey.

Kevin R (au) wrote: Life can only be fair when you have to kill for it In the future the world is completely covered in ice. People spend their time looking for food and playing a board game called quintet. Some societies play the game with humans where the winners live and the losers die. Essex's friends and family are killed by such a society and he is coaxed into participating in the game of life and death. "He has no ethics nor brains." Robert Altman, director of Popeye (1980), A Perfect Couple, Thieves like Us, The Long Goodbye, MASH (1970) and Countdown, delivers Quintet. The storyline for this picture was very boring and reminded me of a slower paced Tron mixed with The Thing. The cast delivers fairly mediocre performances and includes Paul Newman, Fernando Rey, Vittorio Gassman, and Bibi Andersson. "I almost forgot what seal meat tastes like." We have been watching numerous old school Paul Newman pictures lately and decided to give this a shot based on its interesting premise. Unfortunately, this film was bland and slow. I thought once the game started it would pick up, but as previously mentioned, it never does. This is one of the worst Paul Newman pictures I have ever seen and I recommend skipping it. "You play for the thrill of it." Grade: D-

Charlie G (fr) wrote: The older movies always seem to move slower. Not filled with excitement but many comedy skits I didn't think was overly hysterical.

Frank J (ca) wrote: Okay, un 4, mais a frise le 3.75. En effet, l'histoire est incroyablement longue et pnible durant la premire heure, et il faut se taper beaucoup de flafla avant de pouvoir esprer rencontrer quelque chose de concret. La premire moiti est en effet trs dcourageante, mais la deuxime en vaut sacrment le coup.Et ce, quitte ce que vous soyez surpris. Surpris de ne pas voir un Charlie Chaplin malin qui est l pour faire le pitre, mais plutt de voir un Charlie Chaplin qui s'adonne la tragdie avec l'criture de Limelight, un scnario triste et dchirant qui se termine sur une note de brio incomparable.Les aventures de Calvero sont tout simplement dchirantes...

Mitchell W (fr) wrote: This relatively obscure film fell into the public domain and has yet to receive a decent video release. A shame because for my money, it's Cooper's greatest performance. Not perfect, but it's held up much better than "Sergeant York" and many of Cooper's other classic films. He was one of Hollywood's greatest stars, a powerful film actor, and there's no better example of his brilliance than what you will see here.

Grayson D (de) wrote: There are some films which i know are very poor but that i just can't dislike. This is such a film.

SagaciousFrank (ru) wrote: 'Jaws' is a classic example of a masterpiece in cinematic movie making. I watched it on the remastered Blu-ray edition today for the first time since I last watched it probably 15 years ago either on VHS or DVD. It's a film I've so rarely seen that I'd almost forgot the main and finer details and indeed the plot developments which happen over the entire course of its 2 hour run time. I'd forgotten who the sharks victim's were and how the film ended. In fact, I almost completely forgotten the last third of the film until today.For some films, time does not treat them well, and there are certain 'classics' ('Once Upon a Time in America'/'The Deer Hunter' to name two) which are not particularly good. I feared this would this would be the case with Jaws, especially as I could barely remember any of it, indicating that my viewing of it was a forgettable experience. Well, that assumption couldn't have been further from the truth. The direction and cinematography are (still) outstanding, the story is paced nicely provided a few jumps and plenty of tension and suspense along the way. The acting is solid from all the cast, and the main protagonists are all likeable and memorable in their own (often midly quirky) way. Clearly I wasn't paying attention when I watched 'Jaws' all those years ago! I was also surprised to learn just how good the effects and the formidable shark have stood the test of time.Of further note, the remastered Blu-ray is probably one of the best I've had the pleasure to experience. Spielberg and Co. were on the board for this remaster, and it clearly shows. The picture quality, and all that entails, is superb for a film of this age, but what utterly stunned me was just how well they remixed and remaster the audio. Due to the fact that this film was produced and released (1975) in the 70's, it's hardly surprising that the original track was produced in mono. The Blu-ray remix and remaster is now in 7.1, but this is probably the only remix of a film of this age that works this well, at least on my experience. Most of the remix is largely front heavy (with the exception of the superb musical score) but it provides excellent and natural spacing. But there are also occasional (when the scenes call for it) nicely placed discrete effects that really brings the viewer into the scene. The dialogue is also super clear but not tinny or abrasive like some dialogue recording of a similar era. Quite simply, like the film itself, this is a remaster that defies the test of time and sounds much more modern than it is. 5/5