Tierra y libertad

Tierra y libertad

Tierra y Libertad, c'est le nom d'un front uni d'anciens paysans mexicains massés à la périphérie de la ville de Monterrey, dans le nord industriel du Mexique, et qui occupent la terre ...

Tierra y Libertad, c'est le nom d'un front uni d'anciens paysans mexicains massés à la périphérie de la ville de Monterrey, dans le nord industriel du Mexique, et qui occupent la terre ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan L (gb) wrote: Welcome Back,Ronny Yu

George B (nl) wrote: What the fuck was this? I felt like I was watching some film student's attempt at re-imagining the original movie as a term project. This movie is sooo low quality..terrible script, terrible acting, terrible everything. When the hell did the crystal thing get stuck in that Hellraiser rip-off box? The Djinn looks absolutely disgusting and is obviously a different actor.

Jack B (fr) wrote: In many ways a one joke film, this is regardless a constantly funny offering. De Niro and Crystal shine brightly at the core of the film, striking up an immediate chemistry and De Niro in particular is a joy, freely and happily sending up his past onscreen personas.

Alexei G (de) wrote: When I first heard this movie, it was hard to believe you could make something like this, so I was expecting a rather interesting movie. After seeing this movie, I can honestly say that you can count on this movie to deliver what it promises...eventually anyway. Apart from the initial introduction of the character Lorenzo Estaban and a somewhat standard "satanic" ritual, the movie is extremely slow in pace. For well over half the movie, which amounts a whole hour or maybe more than that out of the whole 97 minutes of the movie, all that happens is you get acquainted with the main character and his sufferings, and about the only interesting things that happen involve the mysterious book he acquires (which, by the way, for a "satanic" book features an upward pointing pentagram, not downward) and the protagonist playing with his computer (which does some amazing things in this movie) and dog (an unexpected element of cuteness in the movie). Throughout this it kinda feels like some parts of the movie differ in the way they are filmed from the rest of the movie. However, the characters actually do evoke reaction in the meantime, and you can actually feel for the oppressed geek main character, and everyone but him gets to you as horrid enough that you actually want them to suffer the fate that awaits them. And need I mention, a diabolical army of pigs! You can't really put that down entirely, though they are a source of much of the horror, including one of the more unsettling moments. As I got closer to the end, I was actually expecting a rather formulaic ending, but then our protagonist shows up, possessed with a sword and with the army of pigs and tear up the church that all his tormentors are in. In that respect, the ending actually defied my expectations and proved very entertaining (although there's something about the epilogue that doesn't make sense). In conclusion, this film is very slow in pace, but it does horrify, is somewhat interesting, and the climax is worth it. I wouldn't recommend it for everyone, and I wouldn't say it's one of the best movies I've seen, but it does deliver. Though as I said, it delivers eventually, and you may have to be patient for it.

Sahbi J (br) wrote: Another film from majid majidi ... I'm watching it now

gina c (es) wrote: Jeanne Moreau beats this arrogant man down!Yeah.She rules.

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Christopher B (br) wrote: A trio of stories strung together by Burgess Meredith, who breaks that 4th wall several times.

Muhammad K (br) wrote: Heavily inspired by "And Then There Were None".

Kristie L (ag) wrote: I laugh and laugh every time I watch this movie. I love them all. They just get better and better.

WS W (nl) wrote: Totally forgettable.