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Tierras hechizadas


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shane a (ru) wrote: If I could make a zero, I would. Annabelle is the most disappointing film in ages. The fact that this rubbish film, ridden with cliches, holes, and complete lack of fundamentals is getting a sequel is a travesty.It only made money by piggy backing off James Wan's name (people assumed he directed it. I wish he had) and the Conjuring. I feel for it myself, as I adore the Conjuring, and the Annabelle story seemed like a sure fire win. Unfortunately it not only shot blanks, but backfired in the process, causing injury on top of insult.If you're one of the lucky that didn't waste precious time or money on this garbage, STAY AWAY! Pure Trash and failure.

Amy H (us) wrote: I thought this movie was another teenager Internet horror movie but it turns out to be quite original and was very interesting and captivating to watch till the end. Acting were a bit poor.

Paul D (br) wrote: I can see why this has a low rating...the premise is quite ridiculous. That being said...I still managed to get sucked into this movie. This is not groundbreaking, but it is a good way to kill an hour and a half.

Myna W (us) wrote: Amazing up close footage of Libor Podmol, Czech motorcross freestyle hopeful, en route to fame and product endorsements. Exhilarating!

David H (fr) wrote: quirky but fascinating documentary about how one man dealt with attack and brain damage through art.

Brad W (ag) wrote: Sorry, this is one family I didn't buy.

Aran R (au) wrote: A fresh comedy by the Pryor/Wilder duo!

Dustin F (fr) wrote: Great Movie! Its an 80s slasher people! Don't hate on it for what it can never be!

Alex F (de) wrote: Watching the dubbed version is priceless and having evil aliens resemble chickens is just an extra ingredient for an instant classic of good old fashion crud.

Consuela A (gb) wrote: I only recently saw this movie. As improbable as the story is I loved Fred and Ginger's dancing the most in this movie -- it appears more spontaneous and they really cut loose. Irene Dunn is lovely but she sings a little too much for me. Love the clothes (it's a movie about fashion house in Paris, which Randolph Scott inherits --told you it was improbable!)

Jay R (ag) wrote: I don't know why the score on this movie is so low...It was a great little indie film..

happyd h (it) wrote: my best movie ever, I'm looking for movie similar to "still alice" any recommendations?

Johann M (au) wrote: if in a thousand years, aliens found the ruins and destruction of the human race, and only discovered this movie as a testament to humanity, that would be just fine.