Tiger Bay

Tiger Bay

A Polish sailor and a young Welsh tomboy become unlikely allies after she witnesses him commit a crime of passion in the docklands area of Cardiff. With its location shooting and scenes of port city street culture, Tiger Bay presaged the cinema of the British New Wave, while Hayley Mills’ starring performance won the 12 year-old a special prize at the Berlin Film Festival and launched her career.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:English,Polish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prostitute,   murder,   boxing,  

A 12 year old tomboy witnesses the murder of a woman by her Polish merchant marine boyfriend but bonds with him and thwarts the police in their investigation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keene F (ru) wrote: A lot of movies like this never really seem to get rid of that clich about how the singer is popular, then something happens to their band then everything falls apart. Though this one is different. And it might just be the cast. The person playing as John Brown is amazing. He's energetic, he's comical, and witty, he's bad, and you want him to succeed. But when bad things happen he starts to slowly lose his sanity, and it's sad. It's sad because many artists back then were so talented only to lose it and eventually die a broken man. But anyways this movie was great.

Jess H (mx) wrote: If you're a fan of the anime, then it's great to see all three protagonists together in an unlikely scenario (how many fanfics have been about this very thing?). The main duel is very short with only Paradox and Yusei getting more than 1 turn but it's entertaining and has some really nice animation - only regret is I never got to see it in 3D!

Sotiris K (ca) wrote: A beautiful blend of earthly and celestial elements. Someone could argue that it's difficult to cover both successfully but that's not the point here. Its style seems to be more poetic than political.

Jonny P (ag) wrote: "Talhotblond" is a very creepy look into the world of cybersex, cyberbullying, and the psychological effects of living your life on the internet. The story progresses through several disturbing themes. The first is seeing a happy 47-year-old family man give into the temptations of the internet as he develops an 18-year-old identity (marinesniper) to begin a relationship with an 18-year-old girl (talhotblond). The second is seeing his young coworker enter into an online relationship with talhotblond (whom neither man has met). The third is the bullying that occurs when talhotblond discovers that marinesniper is 47. The fourth is how this grown man psychologically assumes the identity of marinesniper when talhotblond talks about how she misses the person she believed she was talking to. Somehow, this infatuation with talhotblond will directly lead to a real-life homicide. The entire thing seems completely ridiculous and unbelievable, but this is nothing compared to the twist. Once that is revealed, your mind will be completely blown. The film tells the story through interviews and reiteration of the actual online dialogue on the screen. The only real problem with this documentary is that, once the twist has been revealed, the resolution of the story drags on for way too long. "Talhotblond" contains a lot of explicit language and uncomfortable sexual descriptions, but it is truly a wake-up call to the dangers of the internet and the psychological effects of cyberbullying.

Alberto C (nl) wrote: Le falto algo a la trama para que se bien logre la actuacin de Thurman.

Sharon B (fr) wrote: One of my favourite movies of all time, inspired by "the basement tapes" yet to be released made by the victims of the Columbine Tragedy. Paired with the same low grade camera style of the tapes. The ending is highly engaging, but the entire movie is thought provoking.

Tiger L (ag) wrote: Extremely entertaining and very funny

M D (gb) wrote: This one was a preview tape at my video store - i think i've still got it somewhere... It was released here as "Global Heresay". Low budget but still really funny. Plot: the worlds greatest rock band (of the moment) is going into hiding in the UK to write/record their second album after the 'disappearence' of the bands founder - Alicia Silverstone is his replacement in an all boy band. At the same time, high society couple Peter and Joan have sent their two servents away in order to rent out their home for a month in order to save themselves from the poor house. When the replacement staff don't arrive they are forced to impersonate their servants and wait on the rowdy musicians that are running wild through their home. Enjoyable, decent soundtrack, funny - lots of quotable opportunties.

Kenneth K (ca) wrote: Surprise! But it shows that movies DO cross the atlantic in the direction of the North American continent. Even those not in the English tongue.

nika k (us) wrote: Remember when vampires rose up at night and killed infants and cause illnesses and raped women (or sometimes men)? Remember when they were scary? Sadly, during my lifetime the majority of vampires the screen had to offer were romantic heroes, oh they were undead and drank blood, but all of that was unimportant because what mattered to them was to find their one true love (I'm looking at you, Coppola). Then, for some unimaginable reason, a few people on the BBC had an interesting and, dare I say, revolutionary idea: to make an inhuman vampire. The film follows the usual story, but with a slight twist. Arthur Holmwood is infected with hereditary syphilis (how he could have lived for so long without having any symptoms is a question) and in despair contacts some cultists, who have been worshipping Dracula (without the vampire knowing of it, I suspect). The leader of the cult, Singleton, promises Holmwood freedom from the illness telling him that if he was transfused with Dracula's immortal blood then nothing would ever touch him, in exchange Arthur must buy the properties around London and give them to Dracula. I have to say that I liked how the story had been taken back to its roots, this is after all a monster we are dealing with. The syphilis idea, while raises some questions, is still nice because it lets us see a man in a hopeless situation, how everything around him is suddenly falling to pieces. There was also a nice use of filters, so the audience got a bit more than the usual blue. Overall the film looks pretty and one doesn't have to remind oneself that if it was real life then they wouldn't look so clean and shiny, because they don't and it's refreshing. Effects were used to a minimum, (if it doesn't make sense then don't do it, I always say) mostly putting in short clips of footage to get the point across. As far as actors go, this will probably be the most disappointing bit. The actors seem weak and everyone can tell that even David Suchet is just having fun. One the other hand the actors are playing it "down to earth", as it were, when Mina Harker starts crying then she doesn't have dainty Hollywood tears she has proper sobs, with lip quivering and chin going into a rather nasty shape and her mumblings are a bit hard to understand -- realistic crying, believable and something the pampered audience might react to negatively at first. The one who does fill his role is Marc Warren, in anyone else's hands the blood drinking monster would have been too nice, too civil, too human. Even when Dracula speaks you get the feeling that he has learned all the words but quite doesn't understand what they mean, which is logical because these are human words and he hasn't been human for a very very long time. As he rips a man's head off Dracula stares at the audience with big innocent eyes. Anyone looking for something a bit different and who hasn't yet comepletely gone off vampires is welcome to this. While a matter of taste, it is certainly intriguing even to the lovers of romantical variation on the upirs.

Florida G (de) wrote: I loved Richard Gere in this role...

Ian C (au) wrote: Some genuine creepy moments but overall I was quiet bored.

Richard R (kr) wrote: While slow to get going (or funny), after a certain amount of build up the natural chemistry between Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman shines through to make a winning combination.