Tiger Cage

Tiger Cage

Something fishy is going on in the anti-Drug Trafficking Unit of the HK Police, and only a few honest cops know that the corruption goes all the way to the top. However, they must prove their case quickly, and by unconventional means, after they are framed for murder and drug-trafficking themselves. Dodging bullets from cops and criminals alike, the race is on to clear their names, protect their loved ones, and bring their corrupt colleagues to justice.

A team of cops get brutally exposed to violence after raiding a drug operation and discovering a link between few members of the police force and an American crime syndicate dealing with drug trafficking. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tiger Cage torrent reviews

Juan Carlos Y (ru) wrote: Excellent coming of age story along with the many harsh realities of European people and views of Americans.

Russell W (de) wrote: really...more propaganda than entertainment and horrible film

Sanity Assassin (ru) wrote: more amusing antics directed by jon favreau. mickey rourke shines brightly!

Gerard H (es) wrote: Great Uruguyan Black Comedy with a great feeling for details and without pretension.

Ravi P (es) wrote: one of the best movies about journalism.and with Paul Newman and Sally Field ! great watch.and you get lot of lines to quote as bonus.real fun..

bill s (de) wrote: Good first half but fails in the second half.