Tiger on Beat

Tiger on Beat

A seasoned cop and his rookie partner are a pair of mismatched partners in this Hong Kong action-comedy in the style of 'Lethal Weapon'. The wacky twosome are up in arms as they try to solve the murder of a heroin trafficker.

A seasoned cop and his rookie partner are a pair of mismatched partners in this Hong Kong action-comedy in the style of 'Lethal Weapon'. The wacky twosome are up in arms as they try to solve the murder of a heroin trafficker. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin L (mx) wrote: Classic Brent banter

Matty L (ag) wrote: hacky poorly cripted illogical and seemingly no direction or consistency. I have never seen a movie as bad as this one. I couldn't stop watching just in hope there would be some redeeming factor but it never came.

Alexander Z (de) wrote: Predictably, reviews of this documentary are riddled with people thinking it is trying to justify child abuse. If they took the time to watch the whole thing, it is neither endorsing nor condemning it; it is simply giving every viewpoint a fair amount of coverage.That being said, the provocative title is completely idiotic and serves to start the documentary out on the wrong foot. It is an inflammatory statement that doesn't actually relate to the point of the documentary. The filmmaker further does a disservice to himself by being too disjointed and objective about the topic in the first 30 minutes. It is not clear whether he is condemning pedophilia or approving of it, especially with his overused cliche of a final statement, "Age is just a number." He interviews both people harmed by child abuse and who consider it a positive experience, as well as self-proclaimed pedophiles. Yet, when it comes to the idea of hebephilia (which he consistently pronounces as hebophilia), he completely mischaracterizes it, claiming it's an attraction to pubuscent and post-pubescent children under the age of 18, so depending on when a child matures, anywhere from say, 10-18. This is stupid for two reasons. One, hebephilia is an attraction to pubescent children aged 11 to 14. What he is actually trying to focus on is ephebophilia, which is a sexual attraction for children aged 15 to 19, usually post-pubescent. Since he completely messes up this information, he's already lost whatever point he's trying to make.Should ephebophilia be discussed? Absolutely. At that point, a significant amount of children have developed the bodies of adults. If we consider only physical attraction, it becomes clear that at that age, many men and women will indeed be attracted to that age group and above. However, this guy mucks his analysis up so much that he just appears to be endorsing sexual activity with any child over the age of 10. What a waste, and sadly ironic as this guy is attempting to clarify some misconceptions about pedophilia.

alex f (de) wrote: trying to be something its not.

Aniko V (nl) wrote: not a very original adaptation, but fair. very disturbing is the picture though that it paints of Indian politics. I have no idea what to think of that part.

Jacinta W (it) wrote: you just gotta love spike....

Damian C (ca) wrote: Really liked how the two characters contrasted each other. Definitely worth a watch.

Rebecca W (ag) wrote: Interesting film with a good twist in the storyline. Mia Kirshner does a great job throughout.

Milla H (ca) wrote: Not my favorite, but if you`re going to watch the musical version of Romeo and Juliet, I`d recommend this Indian version over West Side Story any day.

Tom W (es) wrote: Why didn't they use CGI? That's what ruined this film, and the best character has to die doesn't he. Pffft

Calum B (us) wrote: Although Rogers and Hammerstein wrote many great musicals, I believe that overall the score of South Pacific is the strongest, producing many 'old standards'."There is Nothing' Like a Dame", "Younger than Springtime", "Bali Hai", "Gonna Wash that Man Right outa my Hair", and the eternal "Some Enchanted Evening" are major highlights, but many other delightful and strong songs help fill this impressive musical.Of course there is a love story, but there is also a strong lesson of the dangers of bigotry even for people who would never imagine themselves to be so.Many have criticized the filters used in camera shots during many songs (and a few other scenes). It was ground breaking at the time, and certainly different. Although I myself would certainly rather see the 'pure colors' of those scenes as well, I can respect the wish of the cinematographer to try something that had really seldom been done in major films, but is a staple of still photography.Unless you just hate musicals, this is a must see film in its genre.

Aaron G (jp) wrote: One of the best naps you'll ever have.