Tiger's Claw

Tiger's Claw


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Tiger's Claw torrent reviews

Austin H (mx) wrote: Very touching, and interesting. I wanted to cry at the end

Leonard Anthony A (gb) wrote: Whoa! Can't wait for this one!

Aaron J (ca) wrote: At times emotional, at times humorous, but also at times confused. This film host a really nice cast her give good performances which raises the level of the movie. But aside from the three leads the cast is borderline terrible Some good things about the film. This movie understands dark humor well. It also understands that its audience can determine things for themselves, not giving us reasons for every decision one of the characters make. The film has amazing cinematography, which really captured this tiny town in Arizona. Some bad things about this film. Again, while the leads were top notch, the secondary cast were just plain bad. This film is a bit confused, being funny in places where it shouldn't. Also, it was a bit drawn out and boring. Overall this film is above sub-par, and is a pretty decent drama with a good lead cast and beautiful cinematography.

Matt F (us) wrote: Asbestos Felt is the true star of this movie. He is the reason the movie is so amazing. He's sexy, he's hot, and he's got great hair. Need I say more? Order this movie off Amazon, you won't be disappointed!

Prabal G (gb) wrote: Kind of slow, atmospheric movie. In my eyes, London never lookd so beautiful, yet poignant..

Greg W (nl) wrote: good drama but hard to classify not a western not a prison picture but has elements of both.

Kelly P (gb) wrote: Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra are sailors on leave in Hollywood. Featuring the famous dance number with Jerry the mouse of Tom & Jerry. Enjoyable!

GM W (au) wrote: Director, F. Gary Gray (Friday, and Straight Outta Compton) directs a stellar political crime thriller, about a man who overthrows the justice system after justice is failed to be given properly after his wife and little daughter a brutally murdered in a home invasion. The suspense and tension is top notch, and the soundtrack composed by, Brian Tyler, matches the movie perfectly. The acting by Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx is spectacular and wonderful. All together, this movie is action packed AG's merciless.

Josh E (au) wrote: Funny in places, strange in others. Its a true story with heart and humour and likeable enough characters.

Igor A (gb) wrote: orginalot so Keanu Reeves i Patrick Swayze

Rorshach S (gb) wrote: Carried almost entirely by Dustin Hoffman's performance, Tootsie succeeds as a dramedy, romance, and commentary on modern-day gender relations.